So you have adorable Valentine's themed (or even colored) clothes for the little ones to wear. Now I'm thinking maybe mom needs to dress equally as cute for the sake of making this day a little more fun. Why not make it a family affair, or at least a most of the family affair - if you can get your husband to dress in the spirit you deserve a gold star! Here are a few items that will put you in the holiday spirit without pushing you into the "too gimmicky, I will never wear this again!" zone.
- Simple and pretty darn cute if you ask me. Basically this would be a reason to buy a grey sweater with heart elbow patches. ASOS

No.2 - Maybe you are one of the lucky ones and work from home or just having a home day with your littles. Call these your "day PJ's" and you are ready to go. THE GAP

No.3 - A simple yet effective tee will do the trick and act as a staple for your closet year round. OLD NAVY

No.4 - I personally cannot do red (I end up looking like a candy cane with my pale skin), but if I could, red statement pants might be the way to go and a reason to add a pair to your closet. THE GAP

No.5 - A hot pink infinity scarf -- add a little pop to a drab winter day and some love to V Day. TOP SHOP

No.6 - Burgundy the color of the season, plus with cute little hearts - much more literal for the day but if you like hearts this could be a pretty classic (but fun) cardigan. ASOS

No.7 - Play it super safe and easy and just add a shot of red with a belt. JCREW FACTORY

No.8 - Okay, not so Valentine's day per se, but I'm thinking add the red belt or the pink scarg and what a cute date night dress. I'm sure you need a (or maybe another) striped dress anyways. ASOS

No.9 - A fun everyday basic but perfect for the day of love. H&M

Do you plan to dress up for Valentine's Day and add a little extra love to your wardrobe?