I often have people ask me what I do all day.  A lot of times they are working moms or people without kids.  I try to come up with a reasonable answer, but most of the time the days blur together a bit and I can’t remember what we did all day.  I remember being busy the whole time and tired at the end so I know I must have done something.  So I decided to write down what we did on a normal week day.

Mr. Train and I went to bed around 11 or 11:30 the night before, which is pretty normal for us.  On this particular night we had three wake ups from the twin boys.  Nick woke up at 1:00 and 2:30.  Joe woke up at 3:30.  This is more than normal, but usually at some point in the night one of them will wake up.  They go back to bed easily; they just like to have their blankets put back over them.

5:30 am –  Lilly woke up.  I think her crying also woke up Nick and Joe because they came out of their room a few minutes later.  I am hoping this is a short phase because they have been waking up really early for a few days, and it is taking a toll on our sleep and they are becoming increasingly cranky.  Lilly has slept through the night for a few nights so we are hoping that this is finally going to become a normal thing for her.  When they get up they get a sippy cup of milk, then we watch an episode of Fresh Beat Band.

6:30 am –  I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore so I went in to get Mr. Train.   I figured maybe I could sneak an extra 30 minutes of sleep in before the day really started.

7:20 am –  Mr. Train woke me up and I was a little nervous because he let me sleep an extra 20 minutes, and that could really make me late for getting my oldest ready for school.  Luckily he had also started making pancakes for the kids.  He wins extra points for that morning.

7:30 am  – We brought the kids in for breakfast.  Nick was throwing a tantrum about which seat he got to sit in.  He wanted to sit next to Mr. Train but both seats were already taken.  He was sent away from the table until he could calm down.  After finishing my breakfast, I went and talked to him in his room.  He came out and apologized to Mr. Train for throwing a fit and then sat down.  He didn’t eat much breakfast, but that is kind of normal for him.

8:00 am – After breakfast I started to get my oldest son James dressed to go to preschool.  While I was getting him dressed Joe came in and told me the dog had peed in the playroom.  It was a rainy day and apparently the dog felt he could use our rug instead of going outside in the rain.  While I was cleaning up the dog mess, Nick and Joe dumped four different toy buckets.  I took a few deep breaths, ignored the piles of toys the kids had just dumped out and finished getting James ready. Then I went back out and picked up the toys.  I made the twins help but I did most of it.   This was a rough 30 minutes.  I was worried about the rest of the day because sometimes it sets everyone off for a bad day.

8:30 am – Papa Train (my dad) came and picked up James to take him to school.  He retired a few months ago and often helps by either driving James or watching the other kids while I drive him to school.  The twins had been asking to do an art project for a few days so I decided to let them paint this morning.  While I was getting out the paint and sponges, Joe had climbed up on the table then slipped in between the table and the benches.  He got a pretty good gash in his head so I took him into the house to clean up the blood.  Luckily it stopped bleeding quickly so I didn’t have to have a doctor look at it.  In my head I was already trying to figure out how to take him and the other kids to the emergency room if I needed to.

8:45 am – We were painting with sponges and washable finger paints.  After making a few pictures, they decided they wanted to paint themselves so they took their pajamas off and painted their bellies.

It can get a little messy

Sponge painting is great. Even My little Lilly can do it.

9:20 am –  After a good messy art project, baths are usually the easiest way to remove all the paint so in they went.  I let them play in the bubbles for a bit.  Then I got them out and they had to get dressed.  They love to run around in their underwear so when I make them get dressed, it is always a bit of a fight.

9:45 am – I cleaned up the paint and hung up their pictures.  I also started a load of laundry with the paint pajamas and my shirt in it.  It is washable paint but I have found that if I leave it for too long it stains fabrics.

10:00 am –  Snack time for the kids.  They have an area in our pantry with their snacks so they went in and picked their own.

10:10 am – While they were having their snack, I tried to get some exercise in.  The only thing they will let me do is watch Just Dance Disney.  It is not the most difficult video, but at least it’s moving around.  I was planning on putting Lilly down for a nap once she finished her snack, but in between one of the songs she fell asleep on the couch.  If I had tried to move her she would not have stayed asleep or fallen back to sleep (she is a bit of a bad sleeper), so I left her there and finished exercising.

My poor little girl fell asleep before she finshed her snack

10:55 am –  Joe had a poop accident and I had to clean it up, so we stopped Just Dance.  After cleaning it up the boys went to play in the playroom for a bit.  I stayed in the living room with Lilly and took a second to check email, Facebook, and Hellobee.

11:10 am – Lilly woke up then went to play with her brothers.  They wrestled around a bit then decided to play their instruments.  They love their drums, but unfortunately Mr. Train was working in the office next to the playroom. I tried to keep them from drumming really loud, but that is a little tricky.

12:10 pm – I needed to start lunch.  The boys asked for mac and cheese and wanted to help so I let them come into the kitchen.  I had to lock Lilly out because she likes to torment one of our dogs who is a little grumpy.  She cried at the gate for a few minutes then went off to play with her toys.

My little chefs

12:30 pm – Papa Train came back with James and I gave them all lunch.  Mr. Train also came in to have lunch.

1:00 pm –  After lunch I sent the kids into the playroom so I could clean up the kitchen.  I had to break up two disputes during that 15 minutes so it was a little irritating, but other than that they were being good.

1:15 pm – I switched the laundry. Then they were asking for their Dinosaur Train toys but I told them we had to pick up all the legos and other toys that were scattered all over the floor first.  So we picked up and then they played Dinosaur Train.

2:15 pm – I put Lilly down in her crib.  She was screaming, but I really wanted her to have a little more sleep.  The boys all said they were hungry so we had an early snack.  While they were eating they wanted to watch Dinosaur Train to go with their toys.  They wanted me to find the episode with Carla the Cretoxyrhina (prehistoric shark) so that took awhile, but I found it.

2:45 pm – Lilly cried for 30 minutes so I went in and got her.  She seemed to want some of the boys’ snacks so I got some for her.  Usually we would go outside,  but it was raining so I gave in and let them watch another episode of Dinosaur Train.

3:00 pm – We went back out into the playroom to play some more Dinosaur Train.  Joe had a meltdown when Lilly broke his track which is a never-ending cycle, so he got mad and went into the living room for a few minutes.

3:30 pm – I peeked into the office and caught Mr. Train playing video games instead of working.  What can I say; it was a Friday.  I also prepped the chicken for dinner and got it ready to go in the oven.  The boys wanted to play in our room so they could scare Mr. Train when he came out of the office.  They all hid in our closet waiting for him.  When he came in they jumped out then wanted to keep scaring us, so they played in there for about 30 minutes while I went through some of our old clothes to get them ready to donate.

4:15 pm – I switched the laundry again then I started getting dinner ready.  Mr. Train unloaded the dishwasher.  The kids were playing nicely in the playroom so we were both able to get some work done in the kitchen.

4:50 pm – Papa Train and Grandma Train came over.  My parents live next door to us so they are usually with us for dinner and the evening time.

5:10 pm – Dinner time.  Nick threw a fit again about where he was going to sit and who he was going to sit next to, so he left the kitchen for a few minutes.  This time he calmed himself down and returned to the table.  They had a special treat for dessert tonight.  They had light saber popsicles.  Yes we are that nerdy!

Life is tough when you get brain freeze from a popscicle.

Light saber popsicle made out of apple juice

5:45 pm – We cleaned up and did the dishes.  Grandma and Papa Train played with the kids in the living room.  They had already had baths during the day so they put their pajamas on a little early.  I could tell that they were a little high strung as they ran around the room bumping into each other, so we had some rough housing time before getting them ready for bed time.

6:00 pm – Mr. Train wrestled around on the floor with them.  Then we decided to do laps around our table and chairs.  We counted each lap to see how many they could each run.  Even Lilly got in there and ran with her brothers.  That seemed to tire them out a bit.

6:30 pm – I took Lilly into our bedroom to nurse her.  Mr. Train Got sippy cups of milk ready for the boys.  They get to pick one short show to calm down to in the evening.  I think they were watching Fresh Beat Band again.

6:50 pm – I brushed Lilly’s teeth, sang her “It’s a small world” (It’s one of her favorite songs right now) and put her in her crib.  She cried for about five minutes and then fell asleep.

7:00 pm – Mr. Train took Nick and Joe in to brush their teeth and read them a story in bed.  He has been in charge of bedtime since Lilly was born.

7:15 pm – Mr. Train came back out to get James and brush his teeth.  He also gets a story in bed.  They were all so tired they were asleep by 7:30.  Usually they are up until 8 or 8:30

7:30 pm – I went over to my mom’s house to sew.  We are working on a reading tent for Lilly’s room.

11:15 pm – I came home and got ready for bed.

11:30 pm – Mr. Train and I talked for a bit in bed since we hadn’t seen each other much during the day.

12:00am – Finally fell asleep.

After writing this all out now, I know why I am so tired all the time.  This seems like a lot to do in each day.

Have you ever kept track of all that you do in a day?  It’s exhausting!