I was so taken by the lovely wooden toys that Bee posted last week. Toys of such a high quality command a high price though! I started to wonder if I could make some wooden toys myself. I found some fabulous resources for raw wood toys. All of these are a fraction of the cost of their finished counterparts. And by buying them raw, you are able to control the chemicals that you use to finish your toy. Here are my favorites if you are in the market for wooden stackers, sensory play/infant-friendly items, wheels, and pretend food.

Inspiration: Grimm’s Rainbow Stacker & Grimm’s Waterwaves
Buy: Big Stacker Rainbow with Cloud ($7.50) // Big Stacker Water Element ($7.50)


Inspiration: Grimm’s Colored Set of Small Bowls
Buy: Birch Bowls ($6.00 for 3), Birch Eggs ($3.99), 5 Wood Rings ($12.00)

Inspiration: Haba Baby’s First Train – Lokmock Train and Building Blocks
Buy: Bus with Peg Dolls ($9.50),  Canoe with 2 Peg Dolls ($3.90), Pine 2 Seater Car ($5), Wood Toy Train Engine ($2.47)

Inspiration: Haba Play Food Ice Cream Cone
Buy: Paint Your Own Wood Sno Cones with Bowls ($10), Mushroom Toadstools Set of 12 ($9),  Make Your Own French Macaron and Bon Bon Set ($11)

I was so inspired that I ended up selecting a mini rainbow stacker, birch cups, and birch eggs for Scribble. Perhaps when he gets older I will get some of the more complex stackers and the precious peg-people bus and canoe!

I am planning to use food dye and natural beeswax to finish my pieces, and will have them done for Scribble to open on Easter morning. I will show you my progress when I am finished!

Do you have any resources for inexpensive, high quality toys?