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Packing Lunches for Two Kids

Olive has been in daycare since February 1st, so I’ve been packing lunches for two kids for a month now. Because they have different preferences, their lunches are never exactly the same. Charlie usually eats most — if not all — of his lunch, while Olive usually leaves most of her lunch… womp womp. Charlie […]


Dinosaurs and Manners

Ria is almost three and is amazing us daily with how articulate she’s becoming.  The toddler babble is well behind her and her vocabulary and grammar gets more complex every day.  This is kind of amazing because she’s hilarious now.  It’s also interesting because it seems that we need to teach her better manners.  Before […]


Modifying Toddler Clothes

This is a guest post by Meryl of My Bit of Earth.  ~~~ I love seeing my little son run around in handmade clothes, but I rarely have time to sit down and sew him something completely from scratch. Fortunately, I’ve discovered that it’s often more fun to take existing clothes and add a handmade element […]


Ten Month Update

She’s hit double digits! I can’t believe my baby is 10 months old already. Since I last wrote, things have gotten much more calm in our household. We survived the dreaded when-will-this-cold-ever-end and I-can’t-believe-a-child-can-produce-this-much-snot phase and we’re really enjoying things now. my little Valentine


Daycare Dilemmas

One of a working mama’s hardest decisions is choosing a childcare provider. Agonizing over it made me break out in hives. How could I stand to leave this precious little face with a stranger? I know some parents are super proactive and line up daycare before their baby is even born; sadly, I wasn’t one […]

Hand Creams

Best Hand Creams

Both Charlie and Olive were newborns in the winter months, so I had severely chapped hands from the excessive hand washing and cold weather. I’ve tried a bunch of different hand creams to keep the dryness away, and my current favorite is Weleda’s Skin Food. No matter what you use, I’ve found that the best […]



According to psychologists, January 21st was the most depressing day of 2013: the chill, sludge, and post-holiday hangover is at its most intolerable then. I hit my low last week. Although I’ve never been diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder, I am very prone to the “winter blues.” It usually hits me in February or March, […]

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