I know — runners are not stylish. I usually am very anti-running shoes; they are for function and nothing else. But as a mother, I realize sometimes you have to get dressed in the morning with the full day of activities in your sight. Sometimes (or all the time) there is no time to change clothes after a run and before school drop off. Or maybe errands need to be done on the way to the gym or maybe playing at the park is the work out? Whatever the story, it’s probably a busy one! I decided that owning a pair of running shoes that are cute, maybe even sorta stylish might be the easiest answer to not feeling like I’m wearing running shoes all day (even though they are running shoes or trainers or sneakers or whatever you wanna call them). So here are my top picks for running shoes that I wouldn’t feel rushed to get out of, and would probably even make me want to go for a run more often.

No.1 Adidas $85  – No.2 Nike $79.99  –  No.3 New Balance $75  –  No.4 Nike $94.99  –  No.5 Asics $85  –  No.6 Nike $99.99  –  No.7 Nike $89.98  –  No.8  Nike $99.99  –  No.9 Reebok $49.98  –  No.10 Reebok $74.99  –  No.11 Adidas $59.99  –  N0.12 Nike $79.98

How do you feel about runners? Which is your favorite pair?