It’s been particularly cold here in the midwest this week. The air feels like ice that bites your skin. As Baby Squiggles approaches the One Year Old mark in just over a month, I’m thinking about all the things on our “wishlist” for this summer. He will be 15 months at the end of May, which means this summer will be so fun and loaded with many new activities we couldn’t do last summer. I’m looking forward to beach trips, the playground, family bike rides and more. I am excited just thinking about it. This is my list of what we’ll probably be getting to make the most out of playing hard this summer!

1. Britax Child Bike Seat – Last year 3-week old Baby Squiggles and I invested in a high-end Trek bicycle for Mr. Pen’s birthday. This year Mr. Pen promised me a similar bike for Mother’s Day, and this bike seat is perfect to complete the trio – family bike rides this summer! I am really excited about this.

2. California Baby Sunscreen – Last year Baby S had an allergic reaction to sunscreen. I’m assuming it was the active ingredient, zinc oxide, but that is a wild guess. It took some looking around but I found that California Baby has a different active ingredient. I tested it on Baby S and there was no reaction! I was so worried he’d have to go all summer without sunscreen!

3. Zoo Membership – Mr. Pen and I have been waiting for the day that we could take Baby Squiggles to the zoo since before I was even pregnant. We both love the zoo and the idea of sharing it with our little one. We probably won’t end up buying this zoo membership only because the zoo is over an hour away from us, so we might make it once or twice this summer but not enough to break even on the membership. But I love the idea and it would be great if it was closer!

4. Bike Helmet – Of course Baby Squiggles needs a bike helmet for our rides! Mr. Pen said this style provides more protection to the whole head as opposed to some of the more popular styles that provide protection for only the top of the head.

5. Schwinn Tricycle – I love that this tricycle has the option to push so that we can teach Baby S to ride it himself while still enjoying the thrill of riding his own “bike.”

6. Edible Sidewalk Chalk – How many of your babies love to put things in their mouths? Mine does! I am in love with these edible art supplies – they are made with rice and tapioca flours and colored with fruits and veggies like blueberries and spinach. They are functional AND safe. I have many fond memories of drawing on the sidewalk as a kid and I’m sure Baby S will love it too!

7. Baby Pool – In our apartment we have a 4′ x 6′ balcony that would fit a little kiddie pool perfectly. I can imagine the hot days playing in the cool water with Baby S. This will be a great summer accessory.

8. Water & Sand Play Table – Because we don’t have a yard (joys of apartment living) this will be another item we won’t get, however it’s crossed my mind to buy something like this to keep at my parents’ when we go over there. I love that this table has two sides, one for water and one for sand and that you can cover up one side if you don’t want them to mix. Mr. Pen had the genius idea of filling the sand side with rice instead to keep things less messy.

I’m really looking forward to really doing things with Baby S this summer and so is Mr. Pen!

What’s on your summer wish list for you and your baby?

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