Who doesn’t like to get the biggest bang for their buck, except for maybe celebrities and urban legends, especially when we are talking about kids’ clothes. They last like a heartbeat and a half. Stretching the little lifespan of those items is my specialty, and a challenge I happily accept with each shopping trip. So how about a few more tips (that I have come up with along my challenges) on how to get more wear out of those little clothes, for all us non-celebrities?

Those shorts are too cute to pack away for 3/4 of the year (which is the sad weather state for many of us). So why not wear shorts all year round? Layer them over tights in winter, knee high or ankle socks in fall or spring, pair with boots or shoes for cool summer days, and of course sandals on dreamy hot summer days.  Shorts like these from Zara and these from Osh Kosh are at the top of our list this year.


They are the staple in every single one of our closets; they literally go with EVERYTHING! Wear it as a jacket, under a jacket, as a cardigan, dressed up and belted, even under a sweater. Our all time favorite hoodies are from American Apparel. They come in any color you can think of!

For little girls, since obviously boys don’t really need tips on how to wear a tee made for them. Usually they are a little too wide or big, but a few little tricks will make a hand-me down or a tee from the boys’ section perfect for her too. Roll up the sleeves a little, tuck it in, layer it under a cardigan or dress, wear over a girly top, or go 90’s and tie a little knot when worn over a dress or a longer top. We love to buy tees from H&M, JCrew Factory and Zara, because they usually have a great unisex look and fit and they are just cool.

So what do you think? Shorts in winter, hoodies all the time?

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