Bento boxes are a fun way to eat a meal in and of themselves, but let’s be honest — the stuff that goes along with bentos if often the best part. I pack pretty simple bentos for my kids overall, but I try really hard to include something cute — a cut sandwich, sweet food dividers, or a decorative pick — in every lunch I pack. Just one of these items elevates a lunch, but when you put several of them together you get something really special. Here are some of my favorite tools and accessories to use when I pack lunches.

1) Duck Family Picks – Send Mommy, Daddy, Baby and Big Brother Duck on an adventure in your child’s lunch. Use these picks to create small skewers of fruit or cheese. The little chicks will also work perfectly in an Easter or spring-time themed lunch.

2) Piggy Bento Box – This adorable pink piggy box has a fun shape and a cute graphic on the top but it’s practical too. The top layer has a tight fitting lid on top so you can pack messier foods without fear of spills.

3) Silicone Flower Baran – Create a garden in your little one’s lunch by adding in these brightly colored flower dividers. Because they’re made of silicone they’ll last a very long time and they can even be microwaved.

4) Favorite Toys Picks – Kids will love spying their favorite toys in their mid-day meals. These brightly colored picks enhance all sorts of themed lunches including sports, space, or vehicles. They’re fun on their own too.

5) Rainbow Baran – Add a bright flash of color to your child’s lunch with these cute food separators. Slip them between fruit and a sandwich to keep bread from getting soggy.

6) Cute Z Cute Sandwich Cutter – The CuteZCute sandwich cutter is a super-versatile tool for making adorable sandwiches. Use the outer cutter to cut the basic shape of the sandwich cutter, then choose from four interchangeable plates to decorate it. Each of the inner plates — pig, frog, cat and panda — can be used to cut or stamp a slice of bread.

7) Transportation Cutter/Stamp Set – These tiny cutters make two-bite sandwiches that are perfect for a vehicle-obsessed preschooler or toddler. After you cut shapes out of bread, stamp the top slice to make a boat, plane, bus or car design.

8) School Bus Bento Box – Rev up the cuteness before you even open your child’s lunch box! This bright yellow lunch box has a cool retro drawing of a  school bus on each side. Long and slim, it’s sized just right for a toddler or preschooler.

Do you have a favorite fun bento accessory?