We cloth-diapered for the first six months of J’s life. When we moved to an apartment complex with a community laundry room that was a $1 wash and $1 to dry, we realized it was neither cost-effective nor efficient to be cloth diapering anymore. I wanted a disposable that was free of chlorine, dyes, fragrances and bleach but that was also functional. A friend was using Honest at the time and loved them – so I decided to give it a try. Their “Honest Free Guarantee” is: “Honestly FREE of: chlorine, latex, lotions, fragrances, common allergens, phthalates, fragrances, optical brighteners, PVC, heavy metals, organotins (MBT, DBT, TBT) & harsh petrochemical additives.” It sounded pretty great! So I gave it a shot.

In the trial pack we received a package of wipes, 10 diapers and a set of six trial size “household essentials” (diaper balm, baby wash, laundry soap, hand sanitizer, lotion and dish soap). It didn’t take longer than a week to sign up for Honest we loved it so much. In a normal diaper bundle they say it is a month worth of diapers and wipes for $80. However I have found that by changing J 4-6x a day the diapers actually last closer to two months, although I do use the wipes up quickly because I love them so much! The amount of diapers in each bundle change depending on the size of your child, just as with any other brand.

We put J in an Honest diaper and there were no leaks or blowouts. We have now been using them for 6 months and have yet to have a blowout and have sustained only two leaks due to excessive wetness. The absorption and functionality of this diaper is just as phenomenal as any other diaper on the market, particularly among competing eco-friendly and natural diapers.

J has sensitive skin: he’s had an allergic reaction to sunscreen and a blistering rash from cloth diapers (he could only use organic cotton diapers), as well as recurring rashes and perhaps eczema. Choosing a diaper that was made for sensitive skin was a factor in deciding which disposable to use as well.

J at 5 months old trying the diapers for the first time! He loved the healing bottom balm – it worked like a charm on his bottom rashes.

One issue we had with another brand of diapers that claimed to be “pure and natural” was that when the diaper was wet, it released gel beads all over his private parts. I was disgusted and angry knowing they were a manufactured chemical in a diaper claiming to be natural. I immediately threw out the rest of the box I was so upset. I have never had that problem with Honest.

The Honest wipes are just as amazing. They never tear and I usually only have to use one for a wet diaper, and two for a soiled diaper. They are so gentle on J’s skin that I even use them to clean him up after meals and to sanitize things like his pacifier, toys and grocery carts.

I have to admit I wouldn’t ever buy a diaper solely for the purpose of being eco-friendly. I based my initial decision on my son’s health, however the eco-friendly aspect of the company is a huge advantage and I love reading their mission statement and values. I really appreciate doing what we can to preserve our environment and keep it free of man-made toxins. These diapers and their packaging are per Honest’s standards, “Sourced natural, organic, sustainably harvested, renewable, pure raw materials for our products… Use 100% renewable and/or recycled materials in all products, packaging, shipping materials, and office materials.”

The diapers and packaging are 100% plant-based materials. As a company, Honest continues to win me over. In addition to striving for the health and safety of the children diapered in Honest and the environment they are also cruelty free, vegan, and intent on using renewable energy resources. I love to see a company making a quality product and doing good for their customer base, the earth and all its occupants.

Their customer service is second to none. I have never had a single issue when dealing with Honest service. There were a few mixups with my account at one point and for a few months in a row I was being sent diaper prints I hadn’t ordered. When I called, they quickly rectified the problem for me and sent me the new packages of diapers at no additional cost. I was pleasantly surprised at how eager they were to keep a happy client base. Any other time I have had a question or concern, they were quick to respond and happy to help. I love supporting a company that works hard to keep their customers satisfied! One other issue I had was that I didn’t need to order monthly, which is what the ordering schedule was set to. They have recently implemented a calendar in each account so that I can specify which date I’d like the diapers shipped to me – even if it’s 6-8 weeks after my last delivery!

In addition to all this – these diapers are adorable! Cloth-diapering families often say that’s a huge perk to cloth diapers, and now there is a disposable diaper that is cute too! For the boys they offer skulls, lumberjack plaid, anchors and dinosaurs. Girls’ patterns consist of purple leopard, pink stars, hearts, flowers and ice cream cones. They also have two gender-neutral prints: white and nature/leaf. Occasionally  they also have seasonal prints – their snowflake print for Christmas was too cute for words!

I highly recommend Honest diapers. I love everything about this company and their products. I can’t review the household essentials bundle as it isn’t in our budget to purchase those monthly as well, unfortunately. But I hope I can soon! I highly recommend trying Honest diapers especially if you identify with their mission statement and health standards!

disclosure: I was not paid to provide a review for Honest. This review consists solely of my opinions and thoughts and were not influenced in any way by the company. 

Have you tried the Honest diapers?