Before Little C was born, I searched and searched for the perfect baby book.  Most of what I found was underwhelming.  As someone who loves photos, I wanted to have a book that incorporated all of the statistics and record-keeping of a traditional baby book, but with ample space to include photos of the milestones and events as they were reached.


Grandma Confetti filled out about 1/3 of my baby album, and about 5 lines of my sister’s book.  Mr. Confetti doesn’t even have one. I thought about making my own, but I was nervous because it seemed all I had ever heard was that my time would no longer be my own.  I heard cautionary tales that by the time I had enough free time to create the perfect album, Little C wouldn’t be so little anymore, and I would have forgotten all of the critical information I wanted to include.

Determined to beat the odds, I took a few precautionary steps.  First, I took weekly photos of Little C for the album, and besides getting to watch him grow, I included a frame with one key achievement or experience from the week before (first written dry-erase style on the glass of the frame, thank you Pinterest, and eventually on the paper inside the frame as he got wigglier). Second, I purchased a useful (but ugly) baby record, that helped me keep track of all of the developments that I wanted to include in my version – a template of sorts.

I loved that by making my own album, I could add pages about anything I wanted to include, from first holidays to first vacations, first bath to first foods.  For each month, I recorded Little C’s likes and dislikes, so I could include information like what his favorite toy was or when he decided to shift from hate to love with the car seat.

There are so many ways to design your own baby book. For the less craft-inclined, there are a plethora of services online to design a photo book including ShutterflyBlurb,MixBook and more.  For me, as an avid scrapbooker for years, I knew mine would be hand made.  I have an extensive stash of supplies on hand, including tons of acid-free card stock and printed papers, photo-safe adhesive and achival-quality markers for writing in the details.

Using acid-free, archival quality supplies was important to me, as I want this album to last for decades to come, so Little C and hopefully his children and grandchildren can look back and marvel at him the way I do now. The bonus of making it myself is that I am not charged by the page for printing (Little C’s is already 50 pages, and I am not done with month six), I can include as many photos per page as I’d like, and I can include text without limitations on characters, font, size or placement.

Yes, finding the time to order photos and sit down to put it all together can be challenging.  Once C began sleeping through the night, I spent a week catching up in the evenings, and since then I pick it up every few weeks to add a few more pages.  I’ve relied on my personal blog to help me fill in the details from the times when sleep deprivation fogged my memory, but for the most part, I let the pictures tell the tale.  I love that Little C’s baby book will be one of a kind, and that it will be a lasting record not only of stats and dates, but a growth record in photos.  Already I look back at the early days with wonder, astonished at how much he has grown.

I hope that one day, he will have children on his own and be able to look back and see that his baby looks like him as a baby, or that he got his first teeth at four months, so all of the fussiness his 4 month old is facing might actually be teeth and not an ear infection.  I know that I won’t be able to keep up with his photos in such great detail for his entire childhood.  I hope that for each child Mr. Confetti and I have, I am able to create a beautiful lasting keepsake album.

Are you keeping a baby book of records and photos of your little one?

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