Are you like me and always looking for a new way to eat your greens?

This is a copycat recipe for a regional grocery store’s prepared salad. They don’t carry this salad at my small-town branch of the chain, but when a friend told me about the salad and her copycat version, I had to have a go at it myself!

You need one bunch of kale, plus:

Dried Cranberries
Frozen, shelled Edamame (Mukimame)
Sunflower kernels

(Of course use whatever brand suits your taste!)

The original recipe calls for cherry tomatoes, but it is March folks! The tomatoes at my grocery store looked awful.

Wash, then chop the kale into superfine pieces, then mix as you add the other ingredients to your taste. Here’s what mine looked like before I mixed it up:

So pretty!

The store brand uses a creamy pomegranate vinaigrette.  I didn’t want to fool with buying a bottled brand or making one myself, so I mixed up my usual dressing, made with the remaining bit of the strawberry preserves from last summer, a little honey, salt, and pepper.

Pour oil and vinegar into this mixture in the ratio that you prefer! Add a dollop of mayo if you want to make it creamy. Unfortunately everyone in my house except me hates mayo, so I seldom make creamy dressings.

Then, dress and mix your salad and let it sit overnight. Or, if you want to eat sooner, weigh it down!

This allows all the flavors to meld and helps the kale leaves to wilt in the dressing.

Since you can eat this over the  course of many days, it is perfect for lunch! Make one day, eat for two (or three!) meals.

How do you get your green veggies in?