Easter is fast approaching, and my children just can’t wait until their first easter egg hunt, as well as all the festivities that go along with it!  We decided to craft some bunny ears out of pipe cleaners for them to wear as they celebrate all the festivities!


This craft is so easy to make, and you only need two supplies: pipe cleaners and wire cutters.

Step One

Take two pipe cleaners, and twist together the ends several times to make one long pipe cleaner.

Step Two

Use the long pipe cleaner to wrap around their head to measure the circumference.

Step Three

At the point where you measured your child’s head, wrap the pipe cleaner around several times to close off the circle, then snip away any remaining pipe cleaner with your wire cutters.

Step Four

Wrap another pipe cleaner around one end of the circle several times to secure it. Then placing the circle on your child’s head like a crown, wrap the rest of the new piece of pipe cleaner up and over their head, and measure where to wrap it around on the other side several times. Snip away any extra.

Step Five

Now, take another pipe cleaner to start making the bunny ears.  I used the more thick, fluffy, and plush pipe cleaners — you can find them along with the other pipe cleaners, and they are 15mm x 12 inches. Place the pipe cleaner on the top piece a few inches from where it meets the crown part, and wrap it around a few times to secure it.

Step Six

Bring the pipe cleaner up and over to form a loop, and secure it about an inch or so away down the pipe cleaner by wrapping it around it several times, and repeat for the other bunny ear. How darling is that?  Now, you can leave them like this if you like with the 2 big white loops, or make the ears more pointy. But, I wanted to add a few of the pink pipe clears to get that authentic bunny ear look!

I mean, how cute is that on my little bunny?

I can’t wait to see all the kids running around with these darling bunny ears at our Easter egg hunt this year!  They would also work great for a  class activity, or a fun little gift for your children to make for their little friends!

Happy Easter!

By Caroline of Armelle Blog