I get a lot of questions about what Charlie and Olive wear, which is a huge compliment because I’m not a particularly stylish person. For mini style inspiration, check out Brandy’s awesome posts — I’ve learned a lot of tips from her! Also check out our Pinterest Mini Style Board!

I do have fun dressing Charlie and Olive up in their little outfits, and luckily neither of them really mind. Dressing a little girl is fun because there are so many more options for them, but I’ve found that dressing a boy is actually just as fun! I buy a lot of their clothing used and get lots of generous gifts from family, so I’ll share where and how I shop below!


L E F T : scarf – Oeuf (Charlie’s hand me down); red coat: Old Navy; polka dot leggings – Old Navy; black Converse –  Charlie’s hand me down  |  R I G H T : jacket – Gap (from bag of used clothes purchased from listserv); scarf – mine (gift); gray skinny jeans – Gap; pink high-top Converse – consignment store



L E F T : Charlie’s old shirt – Ralph Lauren size 2T (gift); belt – from a pair of Zara jeans; tights – Gap (from used bag of clothes off listserv); silver t-strap ballet flats – Old Navy  |  R I G H T : Charlie hoodie – Gap; pants – H&M; Olive jean jacket – Gap (consignment store); dress – (used off listserv); tights – Mini Boden


L E F T : sweater – Mini Boden; tights – Mini Boden  |  R I G H T: cardigan – Zara; belt – H&M (came with a pair of shorts); denim dress – H&M (size 9 months and still wearing it all the time); tights – Mini Boden


L E F T : hat – Old Navy; snowsuit – Columbia (purchased used off parenting listserv; not really stylish but was awesome for crawling babies in the winter because it covered hands and feet)  | R I G H T : heart onesie – Gap; leggings – Old Navy


L E F T : denim dress – H&M; shorts – Mini Boden; tights – Mini Boden  |  R I G H T : cardigan – Gap; tights – Old Navy; shoes – Old Navy


L E F T : polka dot dress – Gap; tights – Mini Boden  |  R I G H T : headband – Lou & Lee; skater tank dress – American Apparel (size 9 months and it still fits!)


L E F T: romper – Old Navy  |  R I G H T : dress – H&M


L E F T : Saltwater Sandals (used from parenting listserv)  |  R I G H T: tights – Old Navy; moccasins – Minnetonka


L E F T : My leopard shoes – Target; Olive’s leopard shoes – Old Navy |   R I G H T : Olive’s dress: Pumpkin Patch; maryjane socks – Trumpette


L E F T : shirt  – from bag of used clothes purchased from listserv; pants – H&M; sneakers – Converse  |  R I G H T : jacket – Zara (wore 2 seasons); pants – H&M


L E F T : hat: Crewcuts; varsity jacket – Gap (wore 2 seasons); jeans – Gap; sneakers – Adidas (gift)  |  R I G H T : striped shirt – Gap; yellow pants – H&M; sneakers – Converse


L E F T : puffy jacket – Zara; sweater – H&M; skinny jeans – H&M; shoes – Zara  |  R I G H T : beanie – H&M; puffy jacket – Zara; sweater – H&M; skinny jeans – H&M; boots – Hunter 


L E F T : scarf – Mr. Bee’s; coat – Jacadi (gift); jeans – Zara; gloves – Old Navy; Snow Boots – Target (gift)  |  R I G H T : hat – Crewcuts; jacket – Janie & Jack (gift); shirt – Janie & Jack (gift); tie – Janie & Jack (gift); jeans – H&M; shoes – Zara


L E F T : baseball cap – Yankees; neon shirt – Gap; jeans – Gap; sneakers – Adidas;  |  R I G H T : hat – Crewcuts; shirt – Gap 


L E F T : gingham shirt – Crewcuts; bowtie – Crewcuts  |  R I G H T : Olive plaid dress – Benetton (gift); black turtleneck – Carters; Charlie plaid shirt – Crewcuts


L E F T : Olive striped tank – American Apparel; white shorts – Carters; bow – Cocopenny; Charlie striped tank – American Apparel; shorts – H&M; shoes – Gap  |  R I G H T : Charlie pink polo – Children’s Place; shorts – Children’s Place; Olive’s yellow dress – Zulily

These are the places I shop most often:

– Gap – Their clothes run long and skinny, which is great for a skinny mini like Olive. Charlie has always had to wear 2 sizes down in their pants because their pants run long and his legs run short. Their skinny jeans are the only jeans that fit Olive (and even then some styles are baggy), and I generally prefer the style of their jeans over Old Navy, and the fit of their jeans to H&M. Gap is my go-to place to shop because you can usually get 25-30% off, they offer free shipping, and their clothes are well-made, classic, and they have trendy pieces as well.

– Old Navy – I think Old Navy has really been getting better and better over the years, and I buy so many of Charlie and Olive’s clothes from there. They have a great selection of leggings in all kinds of fun patterns and colors, and I’ve purchased some of the most adorable shoes and dresses for Olive from there as well. Their coats are also super cheap and super cute! The red coat Olive is wearing in the first picture was about $20 at Old Navy, and she’ll get two winters of wear out of it.

– H&M – Their jeans are cheap (~$10-$15) and come in great washes, but I’ve found that they tend to have a low rise which causes a lot of butt crack exposure on Charlie. I wish they had an online store because they always have such cute, trendy clothes at affordable prices. I love buying colored denim/pants for Charlie here.

– Crewcuts, Zara, Mini Boden – These three stores tend to be pricier so I wait for a sale and only buy a couple of my favorite pieces. I usually love almost everything these three stores carry! Crewcuts is great for button downs, Zara has the most adorable dresses and shoes, and Mini Boden has a great selection of patterned tights.

– Children’s Consignment Shop – After Charlie and Olive outgrow their clothes, I sell the name brand pieces at my local children’s consignment shop. I try to limit my clothing budget for the kids by only buying clothes for the kids here with store credit, or with money I’ve made selling other kids’ toys and gear.

– Local Parenting Listserv – I typically buy a garbage bag full of used clothes off my local parenting listserv for the kids once a year for $40-$50, when the retail value is usually ten times that. It’s great for basics like t-shirts, leggings, and shorts, and if I don’t like any of the clothes, the kids just wear them at daycare. I also buy one off items like Charlie’s yellow Hunter rainboots and Olive’s Saltwater Sandals from the listserv. Hunters are pricey but these were half off brand-new, plus they’re gender neutral so Olive will wear them too. And Olive’s Saltwaters were pretty much brand new because a nonwalking baby wore them. My local parenting listserv is obscenely active, so I try to buy and sell as much used as I possibly can.

For Charlie, I focus on shoes, scarves, hats and I think I have a colored pants obsession. His shoe wardrobe consists of colorful sneakers, black Converse, a pair of dressier shoes, yellow rain boots, snow boots, and Natives for the summer. Luckily he loves wearing scarves, hats, and gloves, and puts them on himself even when I don’t ask him to. Any adult scarf that’s not too long will do, and I buy hats from everywhere — from beanies to newsboy caps, to fedoras to baseball caps — boys just look too cute in hats! Other favorite wardrobe pieces include anything with stripes, varsity jackets, and hooded sweaters.

I stopped buying clothes for Olive because she crawled for such a long time (she’s just starting to walk at 17 months) that she just got her clothes dirty. That’s where the used bags of clothes I bought off my parenting listserv really came in handy because I didn’t care if they got ruined. She’s a skinny mini and it’s hard to find pants that fit her, so she’s usually in leggings or tights in the winter, and dresses and rompers in the summer. Since she’s not fully walking yet, my essential shoes for her are moccasins (coveting a pair from Freshly Picked!), Converse (they go with everything), flats (leopard, gold or silver), and Saltwater Sandals. I also love little layers like cardigans (her gray one gets the most wear), a colorful coat, a jean jacket, a belt, stripes and polka dots of course, and anything in my favorite color — mustard yellow! I can’t wait to dress her up this summer when she’s finally walking!

What are some of your favorite wardrobe essentials for your little one, and where do you like to shop for them?

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