Here are a few little toys I’ve made for Scribble!


H A N D  K I T E

Similar items sell for seven or eight dollars on Etsy. You could use an infant link or a curtain link as the base for this DIY. I used a clean mason jar ring because Scribble likes to chew on things with a little texture! Use non-toxic materials since baby will likely put this in her mouth! You can disassemble this after baby gets too old to use it (crawling age, when you are not presenting toys to your baby and this becomes a choking hazard).

This is pretty basic. Just tie the ribbon in knots as you desire.

…or add a little more flair if you like!

T U M M Y  T I M E  B O T T L E

I spy bottle but made for infants! Use a plastic, screw-lidded bottle, and fill with water and trinkets (I used buttons, glitter, and sequins). This little toy really helps keep Scribble’s attention during tummy time! He can roll and reach for it. You can glue the top on if you plan to use it longer than a day, or just empty and make it again later if you don’t want it laying around between uses.

C R I N K L E  L O V I E  B L A N K E T

This was a simple project! All you need is:

1 empty wipes bag
2 pieces of scrap fabric, any size or shape– felt pieces work really well!
an assortment of ribbon scraps
Sewing machine

To begin, cut the ends off of the wipe bag to make a tube. Then, cut out the bag opening (we use Target wipes and they have a large, hard plastic opening). Now you have a rectangle of of crinkly material. Wipe it down with a cloth to dry any wetness. Place the material in the middle of your felt (or scrap fabric). Pin it to keep it snug. Then place your second piece of felt on top, and pin it to the other two layers. Put pins all around to keep the layers secure.

Now, use pinking shears to square up your layers of fabric. You can do this in any shape you like, but I just stuck with a rectangle to keep it easy to sew.

Next, cut ribbon into 3 inch lengths, then double to make a loop. Pin the open edge of the loops into the inside of the fabric layers, so that when all the layers are sewn together, the loops will be fastened into the blanket.

Finally, stitch across all four edges of your blanket!

My mom and sister stitching the blanket we assembled


Let me know if you have any other ideas for quick, inexpensive baby toys!