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DIY tiny hands crepe paper flowers

It is so nice to take an entire day to appreciate all the mothers out there on Mother’s Day!  I wanted to make a Mother’s day project that children could participate in creating, and these crepe paper flowers made out of tracings of their tiny hands were perfect!

Five things I will (try) not (to) do as a parent.

I think I can safely say that one of my favorite movies ever is Babies. I saw it in the theater way back in 2009, long before I was considering becoming a parent myself (although I must have had some sort of subconscious awareness of what was to come, because I made Mr. Owl go with […]

James with his Great Grandpa all done up for a game of golf

Namesake photographs

I am a bit of a picture addict.  I love taking pictures of my kids and having them professionally taken.  Usually if I am going to take the kids in to have their portraits taken, I put weeks, if not months, into planning their styling and how I want the pictures to look. I wanted […]

noah 15

Noah is 15 Months

Dear Little N, Hi sweetie! You recently turned 15 months old! Yay! You continue to toddle around the house with conviction, your tummy thrust in front of you as you walk with purpose and pride. You’ve begun climbing up on to things as the other day I found you on top of the little table […]


Citrus Lane Review

I recently tried Citrus Lane subscription boxes for two months. After finding a 50% deal, I took the plunge. The subscription is $25/month, and with our code we paid $12.50. The sample boxes, which feature children’s products, looked so fun I was really excited to try it! Citrus Lane somewhat personalizes the boxes for the specific age and […]


How our Kids Started Sharing a Room

We live in a small, two bedroom house.  We wanted two kids, but figured that this would be no big deal; they would just share a room.  We ended up with two little girls, so that makes it even easier.  They can just share a room forever (or until leaving home, I guess). Right?  Right. […]

Breastfeeding: If I could go back and start over

Hindsight is 20/20, and I’ve learned a lot in the last 7 weeks that might have made my breastfeeding experience much more successful.  While I still occasionally try to nurse, we’re pretty much a pumping exclusively and formula feeding family due to a variety of reasons, but primarily: (1) low supply, (2) inefficient nursers, (3) […]

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