I was amazed at the outpouring of love and generosity after Baby Marker’s was born. At almost 8 weeks, we are still receiving gifts in the mail! Our registry is pretty much complete, and we’ve received some of the most adorable clothes (lots of pink!) and a few special gifts as well. Some of my favorites gifts have been the ones that are personalized with her name.

1. Personalized Wooden Puzzle Stool – We actually got two of these! One with her full name and one with her nickname. I like this gift because it doubles as decor for the nursery and a puzzle when she gets older.

2. Personalized Blankets – Blankets, oh my goodness, do we have enough blankets?! We’ve received countless blankets as gifts, but my favorites are the ones that are personalized with her name. Even better, if you know how mom is decorating the nursery, try to coordinate!

3. I See Me Personalized Books – My mom found this great website and had two books made for Baby M: the personalized fairy tale book which teaches your child how to spell their name, and the personalized snuggle bunny book which teaches them how to count to ten. This website has many options to choose from with many different occasions to celebrate! I have a feeling Baby Markers might be getting a few more of these books over the years.

4. Personalized Art Print with Meaning of Name – There are countless options for personalized nursery art prints on Etsy, but this shop is one of my favorites. The prints are modern and include the meaning of the baby’s name, which is a different take than a lot of other options out there. The colors are pretty subdued, so it would look great in any nursery.

5. Personalized Wooden Baby Block – This was one of the first gifts we received after Baby Markers was born, and I thought it was just so sweet. The bottom is inscribed “With Love, (Gift Givers Names)” so she’ll always know who gave it to her. So special!

6. Personalized Birth Announcement Pillow – I love the modern look of these birth announcement pillows, and I like that it includes more detail than just her name.

What are some of your favorite baby gifts? Do you have a go-to when it comes to gifting for new babies?