We haven’t been experiencing much of a spring where we live, and we are definitely ready for it! As a DIYer, I’ve been trying to find ways of “making” spring happen. Just too impatient, I suppose. Along with that, my daughter is very into tea parties, table settings and all things fancy. With her in mind, plus my need for spring things, I created spring flower candle votives using bright and bold momi paper.


Momi paper is a soft crinkle paper. It more similar to fabric than regular paper with its ability to wrap and drape. I liked it for this project because, as flower petals, momi would bend and open, looking more like real petals. However, you can use other paper instead.


-glass votives
-tissue paper
-paper (I used Momi because it’s very flexible but any paper is usable)
-double sided tape

First, cut the tissue paper down and wrap it around the votive, securing it with the double sided tape. And I totally cheated! Once I figured out the approximate width needed, I taped the tissue down and then trimmed. That was easier for me. 

Then cut out petal shapes on strips of paper long enough to wrap around the votive. The petal shapes are very, very simple. Yellow is daffodil, red is tulip and the purple is anemone. I chose to use two strips on each votive so I could make sure the petals alternated, but one really long strip works too.

Using the double sided tape again, secure the petal strips around the votive.

Once the paper is secured, adjust it with your fingers – pulling the petals back and giving them shape like actual petals.

Drop in a couple of candles, gather together your fancy things and have a springtime tea. And cookies are a must.

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