Is there any gift better than something homemade? I think not. Here are three mother’s day, father’s day, or Valentine’s Day crafts that are (somewhat) toddler friendly.


1. Rhinestone Handprints

Baby handprints never get old right? But here is a new way to commemorate them. Just outline your child’s hand on a mini canvas in pencil.

Next, fill it in with rhinestones attached with glue.

So simple but so sparkly and adorable!

2. Ombre Glitter Handprints

Here’s another way to spruce up a handprint. Instead of using finger paints, paint your child’s hand with Mod Podge {be sure to have a wipe nearby for quick clean up}.

After the print is on the canvas, sprinkle with glitter in an ombre pattern.

Once the glue is dry {wait at least an hour}, remove and brush excess glitter.

3. Finger Paint Hearts

Mason really hates having his hand prints done. Although he might not be destined to be a crafter like his mom, he does like to get his hand dirty. That’s why I invented this finger print heart project just for him. Instead of worrying about his perfect print, I let him swirl the paint in a heart shape. Win win for everyone!

Just let them dip their fingers into finger paint and swirl into desired pattern or shape on the canvas.

See, he’s a much happier camper…

Happy crafting and thank you to my very patient models!