I recently tried Citrus Lane subscription boxes for two months. After finding a 50% deal, I took the plunge. The subscription is $25/month, and with our code we paid $12.50. The sample boxes, which feature children’s products, looked so fun I was really excited to try it! Citrus Lane somewhat personalizes the boxes for the specific age and gender of your child. Some boxes are themed, such as summer, dining or bath/bed.

{image source: Citrus Lane Pinterest}

J loved receiving a present in the mail just for him  – he tore into that box and went straight for the cookies! I was really impressed with our first box and the quality of the products received.


Here is what was included in our box:

1. Skip Hop Elephant back back – $20

I was most excited about this part of the box – this is definitely the best value of all the items; it’s fun while being practical! I’ve already packed so many of J’s lunches (I may or may not have used it for myself a few times as well!) in this adorable backpack and I know we’ll get so much use out of it. It’s lightly insulated and good quality.

2. Bear About Town Board Book – $6.99

Each box that Citrus Lane sends out includes a board book. This is a good book for toddlers with a simple storyline. I must say it’s not J’s favorite book, but it’s cute.

3. Ella’s Baby Cookies – $3.58

This was J’s favorite item! He went straight for the cookies.  I like the ingredient list – it was all foods I recognized! However when I tasted them I personally felt they tasted like dog biscuits, but J loved them so I guess they aren’t that bad!

4. Clean Well Disinfectant Spray – $3.99

This is a handy little item. We now keep this in our diaper bag and spray down shopping carts and anything else we might come in contact with in public. It’s really convenient and the perfect travel size.

5. Episencial Soothing Cream – $10.95

With lots of natural and clean ingredients, this soothing cream is more like a lotion for babies/kids with sensitive skin. It has a nice fresh scent, is easy to smooth on skin and is a great size (10 oz) for a sample box such as this.

The total value of the box is $45.51, and as a new customer I received 50% off which brought my total to only $12.50. Even for full price this particular box was a great value; I was able to try new products and get some goodies for J without spending as much as they would have cost at retail.

Box #2

I did a bad job with this box because I hadn’t initially planned to blog about it, so I apologize I don’t have a picture of it! This box was a bit of a disappointment to me. For this reason I wonder if Citrus Lane is a hit or miss, or if getting a less impressive box was more of a fluke. The retail price of this box was significantly less. I’ve noticed through seeing other boxes online that in general each box contains one main (big) item, a food item, a grooming type product, a book and one other random item. This month I received xylitol flavored toddler toothpaste, a bead drum, applesauce pouch, and a Paul Frank bedtime board book.

I definitely didn’t feel that the quality of the second box was worth the $25, but I’m willing to bet it’s not always like this. If you peruse their pinterest boards and look at their other sample boxes, they are chock full of fun goodies! Wooden toys, art supplies, books, bath toys, toddler food items and more are present in these boxes Because of the quality of the sample boxes and my first box, I am hopeful that my second box was a one-time thing! Unfortunately I just didn’t have the extra $25/month to continue to find out.

One downside to Citrus Lane is that there is no returning your box, so you get what you get and you don’t get upset! However I loved my first box so much that I would definitely be willing to try them again – especially if I see another promo code for 50% off!

I definitely recommend trying Citrus Lane. I think this would be a really great gift for a birthday or even pregnant mama (they do send out pregnancy themed boxes!).

Have you ever tried Citrus Lane or a similar subscription service?