With summer comes wedding season; the season of love if you will. Figuring out what to wear is much more stressful than finding a gift (we usually go with cashola anyways). But hitting the wedding circuit with kids in tow is much more work.

Mrs. Bee asked me if I would put together a couple wedding outfits for kids since she has a couple of weddings this summer. I personally don’t have any weddings to attend this summer, but if I did my kids would be sporting 1 of these outfits! And wouldn’t Olive and Charlie look so cute in them!?

NO.1: DressSandals   /   NO.2: TopSkirtShoes  /  NO.3: CardiganDressSandals

Flowy, twirly and so cute – and items she could wear every day after the big day.


NO.1: TopPantsShoes  /  NO.2: TopPantsShoes  /  NO.3: TopShortsShoes

Dapper and oh so handsome – while keeping it comfy and easy for him to play and bust a move in.

Summer is hot, so no matter if you are indoors or out, make sure they are dressed comfortably and able to breathe (and play). You can add a sweater if it’s indoors. Also, I would buy items they can wear for everyday wear afterwards (you might want to keep it hidden so they look all crisp and new for the day of love). PS. Gap has a 30% off sale right now (ends today) so you could get a few of the pricer items on sale.