Almost every new mother-to-be asks, “What stroller should I buy?”  But if you are a future twin mom, the answer can be a little more complicated. I had a lot of stroller confusion when I found out I was having two babies. Although there are way less options for double strollers, navigating the needs of twins can be tricky. Here are my suggestions and regrets from my past experiences.

Double Snap N Go, Baby Jogger City Select, City Mini Double, Bumbleride Indie Twin, BOB Revolution Double, Bugaboo Donkey, Maclaren Twin Techno

Many people purchase a double stroller because they are going from one child to two. Typically that stroller needs to meet the needs of a baby and a toddler. But double strollers for twins are different because new twin moms need a stroller that is equipped for the use of two infants.

I prefer the use of a side by side stroller, but when R + M were born in 2011, there were no strollers that would accommodate side by side car seats, so we needed to go with a front to back configuration. Most side by side strollers will not be able to be used immediately after birth if you want to utilize your stroller with a car seat adapter. I believe the Bumbleride Indie Twin (2012 and later), the Bugaboo Donkey and  the Mountain Buggy Duet are currently the only side by side strollers that accommodate two car seat adapters.

My first stroller was:

B A B Y   J O G G E R   C I T Y   S E L E C T

Pros: Can be used as a single or a double, great storage, various configurations, relatively lightweight without the seats added, easy to fold, narrow (easy to fit through doorways/malls), also can purchase 2 bassinets for full reclining for infants

Cons: Adding carseat adapters was a pain and difficult, have to remove one adapter to fold stroller in the car, felt small for my “bigger” kids, I find front-back doubles harder to push and turn

I don’t regret the decision, but putting the adapters on and attaching the seats to them felt like rocket science to a mom who was already stressed beyond belief. Plus, one adapter always had to be removed to put the stroller in the car, as is the case with most front/back strollers. We did eventually use the seats some once the kids were bigger. While I appreciated the numerous configurations, I found that my “larger” kids had trouble fitting in the seats comfortably. I also hated the turning radius. However, the best part of the purchase is that the Select can be both a single and a double stroller. So we now use it as our token single stroller, should one of us be out with only one child. Plus the storage is great.

In hindsight, I think the Snap n Go is more infant friendly for twins, and I suggest new moms buy the double snap and go. I preferred to keep the kids in a car seat friendly stroller for about two and half months. They were born 5 weeks early and undersized and I liked the idea of easily transferring them from the car seat to the stroller without removing them from the car seat. The Snap n Go is a little long, but the frame is relatively inexpensive and lightweight.

My second stroller was:

B U M B L E R I D E   I N D I E   T W I N

Pros: Very comfortable for kids to sit in (it has grown with my kids), easy ride/all-terrain and not bumpy, great storage underneath, really like the visor on top and how I can maneuver it to give more air circulation, reclines fully

Cons: Heavy and hard to get in the car, not easy to fold, tires always need air

I love this stroller and still use it often today. When we bought this stroller it was not possible to add 2 carseat adapters, although after 2012 that was feasible. However, side by side carseats would make this stroller very wide and difficult to fit through door frames. Today, this stroller is always fully assembled in our house. We take it on walks everyday. We go to our park in it. The kids can be in it a while and stay comfortable. Originally I thought this would be my all around stroller, but at 35 pounds, putting it in the car was hard for me. Assembly/disassembly was annoying. It had great storage but we were always filling the tires with air. Eventually I realized I was a sweaty mess by the time it went in the car and I needed something else. So our next stroller was…

My favorite stroller ever:

C I T Y   M I N I   D O U B L E

Pros: Easy to fold, not too heavy to haul into your car/assemble. wheels never lose air, so easy to push and maneuver, narrow for a side by side, easy to add snack bar and still fold up, reclines all the way, double visor with clear peer through panel so you can see the kids

Cons: Storage isn’t great, a little rougher ride for the kids compared to the Bumbleride/all terrain, not as comfy {I recommend a liner if you’re putting younger infants right in here} for a little more cushion

The City Mini Double is a breeze to push/turn. The storage isn’t great but I use the mommy hook. It’s a cinch to get the kids in. The clear panel on the visor is great to check if they are sleeping. I love this stroller. The best part is that it lives in my trunk because it is a breeze to take in and out of my car.

.  .  .  .  .

I used to feel guilty that I have three strollers, but my friends with one child usually have just as many or more!

A few notes:

– My kids had some reflux issues so we never used our bassinets.

– The Bugaboo Donkey, it wasn’t available when R + M were born, but my twin mom friends who have it now say it is better for a older/younger sibling than twins. It is also heavy and hard to disassemble.

– I really considered purchasing the Bob Revolution last year, but I’ve heard it is just as heavy as the Bumbleride Indie Twin and has the same types of tire issues. Plus, I’m not a runner and the Bumbleride does great with brisk walking and is easy to push.

– I’ve considered the Maclaren double to have a lightweight umbrella stroller for traveling, but the City Mini has really served me well and I haven’t seen a huge need for it.

Good luck twin moms!

Do you have a double stroller you love? Do you use it for siblings or twins?