From Angry Birds Space to Transformers (retro cartoon version and the newer Rescue Bots), my boys are currently obsessed with all things space! Their room is a very slow work-in-progress with pieces I’m adding in here and there. This quick and easy moon clock is the newest addition.


If you would like to make your own, here’s what you’ll need:

7″ NASA moon printout onto cardstock (click link to download)
Clock kit (the hour hand in my kit is about 2.35″ long)
6.75″ clock face with pre-drilled hole
Spray mount
Black acrlylic paint
Enamel model paint in a bright color of your choice (muted blues, gray, and white will not show up against the moon)

Step 1: Paint the edges and backside of clock with black acrylic paint.

Step 2: When dry, turn upside down so that the widest part of the clock is facedown and centered on your moon printout. With a sharp pencil, trace a circle onto the moon. Slowly and very carefully cut out the moon along the line.

Step 3: Flip the clock back over and place on a large sheet of paper or paper bag to protect your work surface. Spray a fine layer of adhesive.

Step 4: Mounting the moon cutout onto the clock is the trickiest part! I first aligned the bottom (without actually letting the paper touch the clock yet) then aligned left and right. Then I gently laid down the bottom edge of the moon and slowly smoothed the paper upward.

Step 5: With your sharp pencil, gently poke a hole in the center. I held up my clock against some light so I could see the center hole through the paper. Gently widen the hole with the tip of your pencil.

Step 6: With a fine-tipped paintbrush, paint the clockworks pieces and the very top of the clock mechanism shaft. Let dry.

Step 6: Follow the instructions included with the clock kit to assemble the pieces. And you’re done!

P.S. There are larger clock kits available, so you could theoretically make a larger moon clock. The only limitation is being able to print a moon large-format. If your desktop printer only goes up to letter-size like mine, a copy shop would be an easy way to get a larger moon printout.