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Weekly Highlights June 28th, 2013

So sorry this is late, but these are some of the posts from the past week with the most pins, hearts, comments and views! Love the One You’re With by Mrs. Twine Dumped by Our Doctor: Finding a Flexible Pediatrician by Mrs. Tricycle A Different Kind of Green Smoothie by Sarah Crowder 5 Things I […]


Stylish Sun Hats

Protecting those little bodies from the sun is no joke and safety from the sun is most important. But we are lucky to have so many stylish sun protecting hats pop up in stores every year, so why not mix safety with style? Summer is in full swing, and many summer items are going on […]

who weight chart

Growth Charts

One big parenting frustration we have had since our son was about 9 months has been his weight. He has always been small, as in right around the 5th percentile. But at his 9 month appointment, he fell below that. Actually, considerably below that. Of course, as a mom I freaked out! The doctor even mentioned the […]

piyo piyo

Piyo Piyo and Comotomo Giveaway!

This contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered! The winner is… sorrycharlie! .  .  .  .  . This is your last chance to enter the Piyo Piyo and Comotomo giveaway! Olive has never been a fan of the bottle and went on several bottle strikes. After trying several different bottles, the one she […]


Chocolate Baby’s Birth Story

On June 17th, Drake and I went to what would be my last OBGYN visit for Chocolate Baby. Drake has come with me to every visit for Chocolate Baby and loves seeing the baby on the screen. The previous week I was 2 cm dilated and my doctor and Mr Chocolate were sure I wouldn’t make […]


The New VSCO Cam

A few weeks ago, VSCO Cam discontinued their original app and launched a brand new one under the same name.  The previous version is no longer available for purchase, but if you have the old one you can transfer the ten original filters after downloading the new version.  VSCO is now free with the option […]


Miss H: 14 Month Update

The past month in the Hopscotch household has been quite busy! Miss H cut four molars (OMG!) so we’ve had a bit of a grumpy little one with a runny nose. But, despite what her mouth must feel like, she’s been pretty great overall. And, the nicer weather has brought about many trips to the park, […]

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