Father’s Day is coming up, and my children and I decided to make some fun key chains for their Daddy! ¬†They really enjoyed being involved in the project, and we hope that it is something that their Dad will actually use!


You will need to gather a few supplies:

1) Alphabet beads (I found these cute wooden ones at Walmart)
2) Split Rings found at the craft store
3) Leather Jewelry String, or plastic works too just as long as the bead holes will thread onto them.
4) Decorative beads (hearts, colors, etc.) are optional.

Step One

Cut a piece of string about 12 inches long.  Fold the string in half and wrap the doubled string around the split ring. Then bring it back around and put it through the string loop.

Step Two

Pull the string tight so it wraps tight around the split ring.

Step Three

Let your children string the beads on with words like, “best dad” or “I love dad” or “Daddy’s Keys.”

Step Four

Tie the end of in a double knot, and snip off any extra string.

Hopefully this handmade Father’s day gift will be one that Dad can use for a long time!

By Caroline of Armelle Blog