When Little C was born, we were truly blown away by the love and support shown by our family and friends.  Since we live far away from our families and many of our friends, every day’s mail and UPS deliveries were eventful in those first few weeks.  We got many cute gifts, but more moving to me were the wonderful cards with sweet notes handwritten inside, welcoming Little C into the world and Mr. Confetti and me into parenthood.  Soon we amassed a stack on our desk that looked liked this:

Messy collection of cards from Little C’s birth

I knew that if they stayed that way, eventually Mr. Confetti would swoop in and throw them away, in the name of decluttering.  Call me sentimental (or at the very least, hormonally sentimental at the time), but I couldn’t part with any of them.


When I was pregnant, my mom pulled out a box with all of my cards that also stored my baby book and other momentos from my earliest months.  I loved being able to look through it all, like a window into my mom’s life as a new mom, seeing the support network she had and the funny (and tacky) cards from the early 80’s.

Finally (after MONTHS!  After his FIRST birthday!), I designed a manageable solution to store all of his cards, so they stay together and can be tucked away on a shelf or displayed somewhere in the nursery perhaps.  Plus, for birthdays to come, I can replicate it to hold any special cards, and just make separator pages between each year.

All trussed together on a binder ring with a cover, the cards make a little book!

This project is quick and easy.  It requires a simple collection of supplies, most of which I had at hand in my house.  The only thing I needed to purchase was the binder ring itself, which I found pretty easily at Michaels, and for those who love the simplicity of ordering online, you can get a 10-pack for $6 on Amazon.  Here was what I used:


I used a single hole punch to make a hole in the upper left corner of each card.  I used cardstock cut to the size of the largest card to make a front and back cover (plus more to decorate).  Then I just threaded each card onto the ring, closed it up, and decorated it with a simple bow with ribbon tied to the ring.  For a more rustic look, you could skip the binder ring entirely and thread each card onto a ribbon and tie it into a bow.  Because all of the cards with different sizes, I only punched a hole in the top left.  Here is the binding close up:

Are you a card keeper or do you toss them?  And if you keep them, how do you store them to keep them from turning into clutter?