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We got Baby Owl’s ears pierced.

In my experience, the topic of baby ear piercing has the potential to create some pretty heated arguments, at least in America. There are some who argue that it’s unfair to the baby, because it changes the baby’s body and she doesn’t get to make the choice herself. There are some who even suggest that […]


Getting Back to Budget: Can I Freeze It?

I promised myself no more food budget posts! But I can’t help it; my shopping experience has been revolutionized by owning a deep freezer and I have to share some of the stuff I’ve discovered! Last week I went to the grocery store and, to my amazement, seemingly everything in our tiny natural and organic […]


The Trikester: 7 Month Update

Yup…only a month late with this post. Why hello there, cutie pie! Sleep Woo hoo! We sleep trained this month and it has been WONDERFUL. Well, the actual training part was miserable, but the results are amazing. The Trikester now sleeps in his crib at night, and although I still bounce him on the exercise […]


A Surprise Pregnancy: Emotional Differences

Just like my pregnancies have been night and day physically, they’ve been polar opposites emotionally, too. So follow me down this rabbit hole if you dare. It ain’t pretty, but it’s real. Little Y was very much planned. Like, taking-Clomid-and-stalking-Fertility-Friend planned. After I found out I was pregnant, I was the typical first-timer: I had […]


Keeping Our Toys Organized

About a year ago, my house looked like this. And I realized I had to do some serious toy purging, furniture rearranging, and some major cleaning out to do. Our house seriously lacks storage space, so we had to get creative with storage solutions.  We wanted Chloe’s toys to be easily accessible for her, easy […]


The first Wagon Family trip

Our family does not travel often. We have taken many long road trips to visit family and attend weddings, but we almost never go anywhere that requires a plane ride. In fact, at almost 3.5 years old, we had never taken Wagon Jr. on a plane. The few times we had to fly somewhere, we […]


Little Lion’s Nursery

Before we even found out we were going to have a baby, I had decided I wanted to use this nursery as my inspiration. I loved the bright colors, and since we will likely have more than one child sharing this room at one point, I loved that it was fairly gender neutral. And this […]

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