Our last bento inspiration post featuring real bentos from Hellobee community members was a hit, so we thought we’d do it again! Here are 34 more bentos to inspired you. I love seeing what real moms are packing into their little one’s lunches!

Maia, 5 years – gouda cheese ducks, strawberry hearts, cucumbers, Carr’s crackers, mini hot dogs and ketchup


andrea, 2 years : sandwiches, carrots, broccoli

zipplef, 12 month: Italian sausage tortellini, co-jack cheese sticks, snap peas, mandarin orange slices, whole wheat bread hearts with hummus

t-mom, E – 18 months: asparagus, egg, seaweed rice cubes, chicken, shiitake mushroom, grapes, muenster cheese

H – 4.5 yr: same but no mushrooms

t-mom, E – 18 months: Pasta with marinara, chicken parm meatballs, peas, muenster cheese, hard boiled egg, grapes and apples. DD has a pizza day at school (love pizza day)..

Right: prettylizy, 12 months: strawberries and blueberries, black eyed peas with quinoa and hummus, vanilla almond yogurt, sweet pickles, steamed broccoli and carrots, hard boiled egg

regberadaisy, 11 months – local organic peaches canned over the summer, panko crusted pork loin with kale. Afternoon snack of edamame and raspberries.

Right: Homemade rotisserie chicken with saute roasted yams & kale and cantaloupe for lunch. Afternoon snack of coconut milk yogurt & raspberries.

regberadaisy, 11 months: Chicken with orzo, great northern beans, corn & tomatoes and blueberries for lunch. Afternoon snack of baked falafel fingers with applesauce and oranges.

Right: Cowgirl, 3 years: clementine with raspberry; sauteed broccoli; turkey meatballs; peanut butter and honey sandwich

Cowgirl, 3 years: strawberries and raspberries, blueberry greek yogurt, clementines, tuna salad, avocados with garlic powder, cheese and crackers

Right: hard boiled egg; cheddar cheese; turkey and cheese roll-ups (with cheese leftover from the cheese stars); grape tomatoes; cucumbers and hummus; strawberries and raspberries

Mrs. Bee, Charlie – 3 years: lentils, asian pear, clementine w/ raspberry, Dr. Praeger’s Spinach Littles, Coach Farm’s Probiotic Goat yogurt, seaweed soup w/ rice in the thermos, parmesan cheese in the chick for his lentils.

Right: lisa1783, 10 months: grapefruit, peach, yogurt, all-natural applesauce

lisa1783, 10 months: Pumpkin pancakes, asian pear, peach, sweet potatoes, yogurt melts

Right: weagle, 10.5 months old: asparagus and broccoli, pita, pasta, hummus, yogurt melts, sweet potato. She only ate the sweet potatoes and yogurt melts, but tried everything else several times. We’re going through a picky phase right now, so that made me happy. She had a fruit and protein heavy breakfast, so we skipped those for lunch.

lisa1783, 10 months: Roasted sweet potato, Asian pear, mango, BBQ pork, cheerios, blueberries. Greek yogurt in the stem part.

Right: futuremrsmk: White cheddar cheese stars, blueberry Greek yogurt, bananas, quinoa cooked in vegetable stock and sautéed spinach.

Mrs. Pen: peas, hummus, baby bel cheese, pita (for the hummus), whole milk yogurt, clementine

Right: rice sautéed with amino acids, applesauce with berries cup, mushrooms sautéed with spinach, steamed baby carrots and Italian sausage.

mungbean 13 months, blueberries, rice, teriyaki chicken, and asparagus sautéed with garlic and sesame oil

Right: Trader Joe’s peach yogurt, Trader Joe’s Multigrain O’s, egg scrambled with shredded cheddar cheese and 1/2 Applegate hot dog, mango

mungbean 13 months: clementine, organic peas w/organic grassfed butter, organic Korean yogurt drink, Dr Praegers Spinach Littles, sweet potato tots

Autumnlove, 15 months old: Turkey melt, egg, blueberries & mangos and broccoli

Autumn love, 15 months old: Beef stroganoff, butternut squash, nectarine, crackers and cheese

anbanan15, 23 months: LO is on a limited diet. We have sunflower seed butter, okra “fries” (sliced and roasted), kale chips, potato bears, freeze dried bananas, and roasted brussel sprouts.

Right: sunflower seed butter, mashed potato (just potatoes boiled and mashed), clementines and grapes, veggie “soup” (all the veggies he can eat cooked and pureed)…. of this he will only eat the potato and sunflower.

Mrs. Bee, Charlie – 3: Applegate Farms organic beef hot dog, roasted chicken drumsticks, cucumbers, corn, egg friend rice, watermelon, blueberries

Olive, 20 months: the same with the addition of avocado, raw milk gouda, asparagus sauteed in ghee w/ salt & pepper, carrots roasted in paprika and salt.

Mrs. Bee, Charlie – 3 years: sauteed cauliflower + broccoli, raspberries, pineapple chicken, fried cod roe, uncured applegate Farms salami, cornichon, kefir yogurt, miso soup

Olive, 20 months – Similar with the addition of raw milk gouda

Mrs. Bee, Olive – 20 months: roast chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed carrots _ mushrooms salmon, watermelon, cherry tomatoes

Charlie, 3 years: roasted sweet potatoes, baby corn, watermelon, salmon, roast chicken, and coconut milk yogurt

Mrs. Bee, Charlie – 3: raspberries, blueberries, dried anchovies, sesame oil + soy sauce rice balls, applegate farms gluten-free chicken nuggets, sauteed broccoli, quail eggs

Olive, 20 months: the same except fried cod roe instead of nuggets

Mrs. Bee, Olive – 20 months:  Tinkyada GF brown rice pasta (my fave), roasted paprika carrots, asparagus, strawberry + banana skewers, boiled egg, pickles

Charlie, 3 years: The same except he also has split pea soup instead of carrots with parmesan cheese in his chick

Mrs. Bee, Charlie – 3: clementine snail, apple sauce, sesame rice balls, garlic bread, CHARLIE spelled in turkey meat, edamame, dried anchovies.

Olive’s: the same except her fruit is blueberries and cantaloupe

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We hope this gives you some inspiration for your own bentos!

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