Since Little C kicked the bottle habit at age one, his appetite has skyrocketed.  Who knew a little boy could eat so much.  And after a long hard night of sleep, his voracious morning appetite blows me away every day.

For a couple months, we had been alternating Little C’s breakfasts between waffles or pancakes and a scrambled egg, both with Cheerios and fruit.  Because Mr. Confetti and I are cereal people, the biggest adjustment in preparing Little C’s breakfast was the increased amount of dirty dishes in the morning.  Cereal is a one bowl ordeal (and we would often use just one bowl for two of us, each taking a turn using it, thus cutting down on the already huge load of dishes that accumulated in our dishwasher).  Scrambled eggs on the other – they required a bowl to beat the egg, a fork to beat it with, a pan to cook it, a wooden spoon to stir…can you tell I hate doing dishes?

My mother recently visited to take care of Little C while we went to a wedding, and aside from her taking excellent care of my baby boy, she also blew my mind when she shared with me her amazing scrambled egg strategy. Blew. My. Mind.  So of course, I had to share it with all of you.

Not only are these scrambled eggs finished faster than traditional eggs in a pan, they are just as tasty and require half as much clean up.

Here is what you do:


1) Take out a bowl, or your favorite microwave-safe mug.  Give it a quick spray of non-stick spray.

2) Crack in your egg(s).  Season to your liking (Little C loves pepper in his eggs).  Use a fork to scramble them up.

3)  Microwave them for one minute.  Then take a peek – depending on your microwave’s strength, they might need another 30-60 seconds, if you are doing more than one or if you have a low-watt microwave.

4) Eat up – you are done.  Easy as that.  Start to finish, from prep to clean up, you can be done in less than three minutes!

Seriously – these are eggs for the time-challenged, clean-up wary and cooking impaired.  If you want, you can add cheese or pre-sauteed veggies to make a little mini microwaved-omelette.  Since we started making Little C’s breakfast this way, I find I have more time to interact with him while he eats rather than cleaning dishes and pans, and I am so much more relaxed in the morning.  Plus, this might be the one thing that takes Little C longer to eat than it does for me to make.

Do you have any breakfast shortcuts that make your mornings easier?

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