Given the summer temperatures lately, I can only assume most everyone has been (or will be) feeling a heat wave at some point this month. Summer hats are a must, but finding a way to keep that hair off their necks and faces is also pretty important on the comfort scale. A pony tail or a buzz cut can really help beat the summer heat, but why not change it up in the name of cuteness and fun! And since we talked about summer hair for mom, we just couldn’t leave the kids out! Here are 16 cute, stylish, cool (like a cucumber) and fun summer dos for your little ones!

The Rope Braid – not really a braid but that’s what makes it even more fun! (use this tutorial to learn how to style it)


The Short Shag – maybe your son has way cute shaggy hair? This shorter on the sides look might be the perfect summer update.

The Bun Pigtails – sorta like two cute top knots or sweet little mouse ears.

The Three Part Pony – I remember my Mom doing this to my hair all the time. I’m pretty sure it’s a must do for any little girl.

The Hip Buzz – almost a buzz cut but not quite. A little longer and more polished, probably the best summer do for boys.

The High Side Pony – so early 90’s but oh my goodness so cute – little baby wisps are definitely a must!

The French Braid Pigtails – not the easiest to do if you aren’t familiar with the old french braid. But it will last all day and look cute doing it.

The Short and Side Swept – short as possible on the sides and a hip sweep on top. Way too cute — I don’t even know what else to say.

The Top Knot – the sweaty go to for Mom should also be the sweaty (and sweet) go to for her.

The Knot Pony – which also looks like a super adorable chignon.

The Super Bob – as in the super cute bob. A sure way to help her beat the heat, and look crazy adorable doing it.

The Double Bun – if I were to guess, it looks like the her hair has been parted and one side used to make a back bun and the other a top bun. Even if my guess is wrong, this cute hairstyle is one I will be trying right away.

The Trim and Light – it looks light and breezy and it’s pretty trim? The cuteness baffled my naming abilities a little here.

The Middle Part Pony – keep a loose middle (or maybe side) part before gathering her hair in a pony – a slight change up.

The Crown Braid – if her hair is long enough this might be the ultimate in summer cuteness. (use this tutorial to learn how)

Which style is your favorite? Are you looking for some cute new summer do’s?