I have recently become OBSESSED with felt play food! Besides the “super cute” factor, I love that Miss H is able to start with some pretend play. We have a play kitchen for her and purchased a small set of pots and pans for it (from IKEA!). I decided that I wanted to make some food for her kitchen so that she’d have plenty of things to “cook” and “eat.”

Miss H and I quickly fell in love. Me with making the food and Miss H with playing with it! She loves to “make pancakes” and “eat cookies,” and she’ll often be seen crawling around with a felt doughnut in hand!

While making felt food can┬áseem intimidating, I find it incredibly relaxing. Felt is a great material to work with – it’s easy to hand stitch and you don’t have to worry about frayed edges. It comes in every color under the sun, perfect for any kind of food you dream up! You do, of course, want to make sure your stitches are somewhat precise and that you are diligent about securing your stitch when you finish to ensure nothing unravels during playtime.


I’ve found a lot of free patterns and tutorials for felt food via Pinterest – a thank you to all of the bloggers out there who are so great about sharing! I’ve also created many patterns on my own – from a very simple cookie or doughnut (they’re just circles!) to popsicles and slices of bread. And, of course, I’ve also purchased some patterns. A few of my favorite recources include:

Felt: Retromama on Etsy

  • She has some great toy and doll patterns but also sells a good variety of high quality felt at a fair price. I’ve purchased felt from a few other places, but Retromama’s is the best quality I’ve found. And, she ships everything very quickly!

Patterns: American Felt & Craft

  • They have some great patterns at a reasonable price, all available for instant download. I purchased their Sunday Muffins Pattern and had a lot of fun making it. And, of course, having a tray of muffin’s in Miss H’s play oven is so cute!

Patterns: umecrafts on Etsy

  • I have bought quite a few patterns from umecrafts – fantastic and very reasonably priced! But, unfortunately, she seems to have closed her shop. I’m hoping this is only temporary because her patterns are so much fun!

A few of my favorite items I’ve made recently include:

Yellow Squash (umecraft pattern), a beet (umecraft pattern), and a carrot (retromama pattern)

Strawberries (umecraft pattern)

BLT Sandwich – lettuce (umecraft pattern), bacon, tomato slices, and bread slices (all my patterns)

Cookies – sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookie, and black and white cookie (all my patterns)

Breakfast – bacon (my pattern), toast slice and fried egg (umecraft patterns)

I’ve had so much fun with felt food and love that the sky is the limit! If I see something that could be fun, I then challenge myself to figure out how to make it. Right now Miss H is a little on the young side for fully understanding what she’s doing when she’s playing with the food, but I love that her play kitchen is stocked and ready for her to enjoy hours of “cooking” when she’s a little bit older.

If your LO likes play food, what is his/her favorite think to “cook”?