Miss H is all over the place these days and is so much fun to be around! She has a silly little personality that shows more and more each day, although she has also started developing some of the dreaded “toddler tantrums” – arching her back in frustration when she doesn’t get her way (or when she finishes her milk!). On the flip side, she loves say “hi” to everyone she sees on the street and “sings” silly little songs.

Our “state of the family” right now is this:

What we’ve learned: Letting go a little bit more. At the playground when Miss H wants to run around, and in the house when she wants to climb onto furniture.  We are always close by, but we’re learning to stay back a little bit and let her find her own way.

What we’re enjoying right now: All of Miss H’s words! Before her 15 month doctor’s appointment I started a spreadsheet to track Miss H’s words. I could count about 40 words she uses on a regular basis and 4 phrases. Our silly girl likes to say things like “Oh baby!” when you  pick her up, and when you ask her a question (like, “Who wants to read a book?”) she sweetly answers with “I do.” She knows that a cat says “meow” and the phone says “ring ring.” Before bed she sings “Night night dada” in her little baby voice (even though I’m usually the one putting her to sleep!). Yesterday she learned the word “ka-boom!” and had so much fun yelling it!

What our biggest struggles are: Things are going pretty smoothly in the Hopscotch household right now! Miss H is sleeping and eating great, is happy and silly and fun. Mr. H and I are splitting household duties quite well. Needless to say, it’s been a great summer so far!

What has been Miss H’s most exciting milestone: Probably not a milestone, but we’ve finally gotten our nap situation under control. Miss H is down to one nap and has slowly transitioned to taking the nap later and later. Right now she goes down for the nap at 11:00am, and each day we work to push it back later and later (our ultimate goal being 12:00/12:30pm).

What we’re looking forward to: In a bittersweet way, an upcoming trip where we’ll be leaving Miss H with my parents for a few days. It’s the first time she will have not been with at least one of us, and it’s the first time I will have left her! I’m so sad about leaving her, but I also know that it will be a great way for Mr. H and I to have some “us” time and a great opportunity for my parents to have more time with Miss H (they’re so excited!). And, to be honest, I’m a tiny bit excited about not sleeping with a baby monitor next to my head for a few days!