I’m watching my brothers this summer, which helps my parents because they aren’t paying for them to go to daycare, but it also helps me because they’re paying me to entertain them. Win win!

My brothers like to watch television and play their Nintendo DS though, and I’m not a fan. They’re good kids, but they’re boys, and have short attention spans. They would rather go places and see things, but it isn’t always an option. I have been collecting kid ideas for a while now on Pinterest to use on Isaiah, but my brothers are the right age now to do a lot of them.

They recently went to a horse camp, and while they were there they made dream catchers. I decided that it might be fun to make these super easy sun catchers with them.

What you need:
Pony beads
Cake pan
Cookie cutters (optional)

Set oven to 400°. Bake for 20-30 minutes depending on how many you’re baking at once. You don’t need any non-stick spray. I was so nervous that these wouldn’t come out of the pans. Especially when I pulled them out of the oven and they seemed super sticky. Once the plastic cools though it is completely non-stick. I was amazed.

I gave them each a pan and set the carton of beads in front of them. I went ahead and let them pick cookie cutters to use as the hole by which they would be hung. This also helped us to finish faster because they didn’t have to fill the whole thing. I made them flip all the beads so the center hole faced up, and it was pure torture for them. In the end they enjoyed it.

The cookie cutters can be a bit tricky to get out of the plastic. I had to do a bit of wiggling, but finally got them all out. I’ve seen other people say that they drill a small hole in theirs for the string, but I think ours are fun.