When planning Miss H’s Halloween costume for this year, I didn’t want to get myself in too deep with spending a lot of time crafting a costume, or spending a lot of money purchasing a costume she’d only wear once. For a very short amount of time. At around 18 months old, I still feel that she’s a little too young for Halloween. We are not going to take her trick-or-treating, and if it ends up being cold out we probably will not spend much time at the Halloween parade in our neighborhood the weekend before.

So, essentially, the costume this year (like last year) is for us to take cute pictures of Miss H all dressed up and enjoy that time together as a family. Which means make it simple out of rewearable/reusable components!

I’m keeping her costume under wraps for the moment, but I thought I would share a super simple costume idea that I had considered for Miss H – Olivia the Pig!

To get this look…



…is not very hard! And if you’ve ever read an Olivia book, you know that she likes to try on lots out outfits, so you have endless opportunities to combine red, black and white clothing for your little piggy. And, after Halloween the items of clothing simply get put back into your child’s closet for everyday wear.

Here’s my roundup of an Olivia costume, although I’ve opted for charcoal and white for a little less contrast, but I think it would give the same “Olivia effect!”

Red Dress from Zara
Charcoal Striped Leggings from Boden
Charcoal Striped T-Shirt from Boden
Red and Black Flats from Gap
Pig Ears from Etsy

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