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Embracing the Mess

With 2 children (a 3 year old and an infant), as well as 2 doggies and 3 cats, my house is always in a state of disarray and various degrees of needs to be cleaned, really needs to be cleaned, and really really really needs to be cleaned. There are days when I walk downstairs […]


Tasty Basmati Rice Recipe

Let me start off by saying that I love Indian food. I’ve got spices in my cupboard I can’t even pronounce, and there are some things I’ve bought out of excitement at the Indian supermarket and have yet to use. My husband says my from-scratch curries taste better than the jarred sauces we buy, but I’m […]


Happy Thanksgivikah!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah dear friends! Last night we went to a menorah lighting in our neighborhood to celebrate the first night of Hanukkah. We were probably the only ones there that weren’t Jewish, but it was a beautiful ceremony (despite the cold and rain!). Charlie and Olive got to learn a little bit […]


Balance Bike

Now that Drake is 3, I have been thinking about buying him his first bike.  Between Mrs Cowgirl’s post about Lil CB’s balance bike, and my best friend who sold me on it when she bought one for her son, a balance bike has always been what I wanted to buy as Drake’s first bike. […]


family fun night

I doubt that I made this phrase up, but I blurted out, “What is this?  Family Fun Night?!” in a sarcastic tone when I was about 15 and my parents made me stay home to play Scrabble.  My parents started this tradition where we all had to stay home and play board games with each […]


DIY Gratitude Tree

by: Amy Lee Thanksgiving is that time of the year when you gather with your loved ones and give thanks for everything and everyone we have in our lives. With the help of a gratitude tree, it’s easier for little ones to stop and think about what they are thankful for.

163 Words

Last week, we received a rare update on our second son. It was one page, and contained 163 words. That’s not all that much, but we savored each and every one like you would a fine wine or a decadent dessert. A week later, we’re still letting certain phrases roll around on our tongues… He […]

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