Several bees have asked for the ability to add social media links to your profile… and we’ve been seeing regular “Share Your Instagram” posts on the boards too.  So we just added a social media links feature to everyone’s profile. You can how it looks here:

This feature is available for all of our users, both Classic and Gold.

We’re also adding enhanced privacy features for social media links for Gold bees. If you’re gold, you can make the social media links more private, so that only logged in members (or Gold members) can see them… just like you can with the list of posts on your profile.   (You can upgrade to Gold by visiting your profile or gift Gold to others by visiting their profile.)

So basically if you set your social media links so that only Gold members can see them, then if someone is not Gold or is logged out… they would see no social media links on your profile at all.

You can fill out your social media links here if you’d like, and then they should show up on your profile!

Let us know how it works for you!