I’ll totally own up to the fact that I’m one of those crazy Christmas people.  This year, however, I have some really good “helpers” that have forced me to reevaluate how to go about our yuletide festivities.

I just could not bring myself to skip having a Christmas tree, though Mr. Blue strongly lobbied for this position.  The boys are pulling up on everything and we knew our normal fake tree set up was a recipe for disaster.  After some thought, we determined we should separate our sectional and move an old chest in the gap we created.  This would give us a place to set our tree that would be elevated off the ground.  We set out to buy a real tree, but looked only at small trees that were 3-4 feet.  The nursery we went to had quite a few small trees that were potted and were actually a little less expensive than the cut trees.  We quickly realized this was a genius plan because the dirt, roots, and pot add a ton of weight, so it would be difficult for the boys to tip the tree over even if they managed to reach it.  We thought it sounded kind of fun to try to keep it alive and have the boys’ first Christmas tree around for a while.  Though to be fair, I’m sure I’ll kill it quickly as plants are apparently allergic to me.

Once we set up the tree on the chest and covered the pot with some burlap I had left over from our wedding, we grabbed a baby gate as a final layer of protection.  We just pushed the sectional pieces together to hold the gate in place.  Because I couldn’t quite tolerate an ugly gray baby gate in my Christmas tree set up, I used some red ribbon to attach a prelit garland to the baby gate.  An added benefit of the baby gate is that we can go ahead and put presents under the tree without little hands tearing into the paper!

It’s certainly not a Christmas set up for Southern Living, but you know what, it works just fine for a house with 9-month old babies.  The boys think the lights are fun, but they’ve done a pretty good job of just petting the garland on the baby gate and then moving on to other things.  We’ll see if that remains throughout the season!

What holiday changes have you made to accommodate your little people?