I always assumed that I would start reading to Little Lion as soon as he was born, but I found that until about 3 months, he really wasn’t very interested and I felt pretty ridiculous. But ever since around that time, I have loved watching how he has developed preferences for certain books, and have been amazed at his ability to sit through some that I would have considered to be too long for an infant. These are some of the books that he has really loved the last few months!

1. Look and Learn – Colors - Babies love to look at bright colors and at real photos, and this book is full of both! Each page displays real objects of a certain color. This one caught LL’s attention very early on, and he still enjoys looking at it. When he was very young I would say the color name on each page instead of reading the name of each object, but now that he is older and his attention span is longer, I name the objects as well.

2. Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreae - This one is pretty long, but LL will sit through the entire thing every time. I have read it to him so many times that I have it completely memorized. Each page talks about one jungle animal, and the descriptions rhyme and contain very interesting vocabulary. It is actually one that I had in my preschool classroom back in the day! Teacher Lion loves this one. :) It makes me so happy to see LL enjoy it as much as I do. There is an entire series of books similar to this one, and they are on LL’s Christmas list this year!

3. Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy E. Shaw - This is a short book, but so fun to read! The entire story rhymes, and the pictures are adorable.

4. Five Little Monkeys by Eileen Christelow - Babies love rhythm and repetition, and this book has both! LL loves that I make him bounce when I read the part about jumping on the bed.

5. Peek-A-Boo Forest from Lamaze - This book is very short, interactive, soft, and crinkly! It has been one of LL’s favorites since he was very small (it is easy to hold) and I love that it is written with great vocabulary!

6.Click Clack Moo by Doreen Cronin - Another repetitive book, but this one is much longer. I like to read this one with a lot of enthusiasm, and LL really loves when I moo. He giggles every time!

What were/are your little one’s favorite books?