In this edition of the Swarm, the Bees share what’s on their wish lists, or what they’ve already purchased for their little ones this holiday season.

B A B Y  C H I P M U N K  -  5  M O N T H S

Dolcino Woven Wrap  //   Bummis TotsBots Cloth Diapers  //  Softbums Velcro Cloth Diapers  //   American Baby Company Chenille Crib Sheet

E L L I O T  &  F I N N  -  9  M O N T H S

The boys need warm soft-soled shoes now that they are standing and showing signs of wanting to walk. I like these Robeez booties.

Books! All kinds of books. And a Little Red Wagon.

We have family around the world that I want our boys to know, so I would love this Sweet Messages Photo Bug to put pictures in and have it say who the person is.

I S A I A H  - 9  M O N T H S

We’re not planning to go overboard. I also asked his grandmas to keep their spending down, as he doesn’t actually need anything.

I would prefer to have more sleep sacks (I’m a recent convert, as I originally didn’t like them).

I like the B. Zany Zoo Cube and would like for him to have it.

L I T T L E  L I O N  -  1 0  M O N T H S

Musical Instruments  //  Wooden Blocks //  Cars, Trucks, and Planes // Snap “Blocks” 

B A B Y  M A R K E R S  -  1 0  M O N T H S

Radio Flyer Walker Wagon  //  Remo Gathering Drum  //  Wooden stacker blocks  //  Wooden kitchen accessories

Her grandparents are very generous and got her a wagon, a play kitchen and dollhouse, so we got her some smaller gifts to go along.

S C R I B B L E   –  1 5  M O N T H S

Green Toys Recycling Truck  //  Plan Toys Cutting Fruit  //  Bright Baby Colors  //  Peekaboo Bathtime  //  Where is Baby’s Belly Button  //  Hohner Rhythm Instrument Set

We are trying to keep it very simple this year! The books and recycling truck we got on serious discount from TJ Maxx!

We also considered a splurgy instrument set like the one above but we decided against it, because we wanted to keep the instruments a treat that he enjoys at music class. Then a few days ago I was strolling Target’s dollar section and found some wooden instruments there! They are smaller than the Hohner items, but for a dollar apiece, they can’t be beat. I am debating whether or not to keep the items plain, or paint them to look more like the ones Scribble uses in class.

L I T T L E  C O N F E T T I – 1 7  M O N T H S

Our list for Little C is very short, as he will be getting one big gift for Hanukkah from his grandparents to go with his eight nights of Hanukkah books from us. He is getting the KidKraft White Retro Kitchen.

I wanted one that is well made and not to garish, since it will be front and center in our kitchen/living room. I also wanted one that is gender neutral and will last for years for Little C and (I’m assuming) future Confetti children down the line. They’ll likely also get him a starter set of pots and pans and toy food as well.

1 8  M O N T H S

V-Tech Go! Go! Smart Wheels – Train Station Playset (or something similar)  //  AquaDoodle  //  Melissa & Doug Wood Blocks  //  B Symphony in B Orchestra

When we go to the library Little Piñata loves playing at the train table and this V-Tech set seems more age appropriate than the ones that have teeny-tiny pieces and could be a choking hazard.

Little Piñata is getting more into drawing and coloring on things and the AquaDoodle seems like a good idea for this without making a mess.

I think it’s about time Little Piñata would really start to enjoy playing with blocks and this seems like a good set that will have longevity for a few years!

With this toy you can select different instruments in an orchestra to see what they sound like and add all the instruments you want to a certain song. With Little Piñata loving music and musical toys and Mr. Piñata being a classically trained musician, this seems like a toy the whole family could get into.

T O D D L E R  H  -  1 9  M O N T H S

We are asking for a kitchen helper/stool for Miss H from my parents, as she always wants to be up high in the kitchen!

Everything else for her for Christmas will be DIY’d by me!

L I A M  -  2 0  M O N T H S

Liam (20 months) is getting a train table from Santa (it actually used to be my brother’s, so this one is free for us) and we, or ahem, Santa will set it up with the tracks and trains he already has for Christmas morning. This one is similar.

I was torn between getting him a doll stroller or a shopping cart, but ended up going with this adorable cart from Melissa and Doug.

I wanted to get him some more challenging puzzles, so we went with these, also from Melissa and Doug. They say ages 3 and up, but most of the reviews said they’re great for kids closer to two, so I thought they’d be a good challenge.

While it doesn’t rain too often where we live, it would be nice for Liam to have rain boots and a rain coat so he can play in the puddles without getting soaked. We decided on this coat and these boots.

J A C O B I  -  2 1  M O N T H S

Top 4 Holiday Wishlist: Hape Kitchen  // Magnatiles  // Fishing Game

Groovy Doll - I’ve been wanting to get him a boy doll for a while, but this year I think I decided to buy a doll pattern and make girl dolls for my nieces and modify the pattern a bit to fashion a boy doll for J. I’m very excited to make him a gift! But these “Groovy” dolls are just so cute and I know my nanny kids and little sister have loved them, the price is unbeatable for a doll.

L I T T L E  M   -  2 4  M O N T H S

Little M turns two this month, so we have birthday and Christmas gifts to give. These are the new toys he’ll be receiving from us this month.

A wooden train set and some trains. We’ll probably pick up the Ikea train tracks and a few Thomas cars to fit them. Mr. S bought a wooden train on a recent trip overseas that we think will fit the Ikea tracks too.

wooden balance bike - We put his bike together a month ago to test the height and it’s still too tall for him. So this may end up being under the tree, but something that he doesn’t use until Spring.

Little Blue Truck books - Little M’s Nola has two of these books and he loves them, so we’ll get a couple for his stocking.

Baby Doll Basket by MADE - Little M is really into his bears and doll right now and he loves to carry his toys around. I’m going to make him a moses basket for his toys using this pattern from MADE.

Felt Alphabet Magnets - Our stainless fridge doesn’t hold magnets, but our dishwasher does! Instead of buying plastic alphabet magnets, I’m going to make a set from colorful felt. If you follow the tutorial above, just make sure to use freezer paper and NOT wax paper.

N O E L L E  -  2  Y E A R S
J A R E N —  9  M O N T H S

I really just want more books for them. Noelle is enjoying more advanced books now, so I’m moving away from board books and into more preschool-oriented books, especially ones that celebrate differences and diversity. Poor Jaren needs some books of his own that haven’t been chewed up or ripped apart by Noelle when she was an infant! I scoured the book guides on Hellobee and these are the ones that caught my eye:

Noelle:  The Colors of Us  //   The Hello, Goodbye Window //  Sleep Like a Tiger  //  It’s Okay to be Different  //  Harriet, You’ll Drive Me Wild 

 Jaren: Llama Llama’s Little Library  //  Peek-a-Who?  // Where is the Green Sheep?

Llama Llama’s Little Library is a collection of 4 llama llama board books. I love the illustrations and language in all the regular llama books, so I really want to get this board book set for little J.

C H AR L I E  -  4  Y E A R S
O L I V E  -  2 6  M O N T H S

We got Charlie a Heatwave Rescuebot because Transformers are his biggest obsession right now. These are made for kids 3+, so they’re really easy to transform. We give them as gifts and they’re always huge hits. We also got him this alphabet stamp set because he’s obsessed with writing lately, and he loves stamps.

Olive loves the book Pete’s a Pizza and pretends to make pizza with our Magnatiles all the time, so I figured we should get her this magnetic pizza from Melissa and Doug. We also have their cutting food and she loves that, so I’m sure this will be a hit too. I found out about Jingle the Interactive Story dog when Mrs. Chocolate recently blogged about him. I think he’s a wonderful gift for reluctant readers like Olive (and he’s on sale right now!).

I find that the kids need less toys as they get older, so I didn’t think too much about what to get them for Christmas until the last minute. But I think the big gift I’d like to get them is a dollhouse. I may still get them one if I can find a used one (they won’t know the difference). This one from Plan Toys looks promising because it can be separated into two so both Charlie and Olive can play without fighting. It comes up for sale on my local parenting listserv regularly, but I’d like to do a bit more research.

Since we didn’t get them too much for Christmas, I was excited about putting stockings together for them because I’ve never received or given a stocking. So far this is what I have, but I might add a couple more small things!

This liquid motion bubble toy is mesmerizing for adults and children alike. The reviews say that it’s great for kids with sensory issues.

The kids looooooove tape. Masking tape ensures that they won’t damage anything since it comes off.

Jen of Ambrosia Creative made these printable finger puppet superheroes for Hellobee, and they’re definitely going in Charlie and Olive’s stockings.

I picked up some cheap flashlights at Target (always a hit), and I plan on printing some DIY shadow puppets.

I got the kids these m&m candy fans because my mom bought one in the past, and the kids played with it so much until it finally broke.

J A M E S  ,  J  O E  ,  N  I C K  -  4
L I L L Y   –  2 5  M O N  T H S

Each boy is going to get a scooter. We got red, orange and green so each one has their own. I am sure Lilly is going to be jealous, but she will just have to wait for a few years for hers.

Legos – The boys have really started to like legos. So far they only have small sets that build a small vehicle or Star Wars ship, but I wanted to get them a generic set that they could build anything with and not be worried about losing each little part.

Each boy is also getting a puzzle and a game. The puzzles are 48 piece floor puzzles in various super heroes. The games are Cootie, Don’t Break the Ice, and Don’t Spill the Beans. I found them on sale for $5, so I was super excited to add them to our game collection.

As a family, my husband has decided to get a Nintendo Wii U. The boys are starting to show more interest in playing video games with Mr. Train and we have had our Nintendo since before we were married, so I guess it’s OK to upgrade. It wasn’t really in my plans for this Christmas but I let Mr. Train decide and that’s what he really wanted to get us as a family. Since the system came out a year ago, he didn’t want to buy the boys games for our old system that will probably be obsolete soon.

We wanted to get Lilly a doll house, but then we found out we would be traveling for the holidays so we needed to figure out one that was a bit compact. We ended up getting one from Calico Critters. I just love all the little animal families and I hope she does too. She is obsessed with cats and dogs so we got her the border collie family.

She also told Santa she wanted something that was pink and a baby doll. I found a very cute set of dolls from the Disney Store. They are from It’s a Small World and they have six different countries. Each doll sings in English and their native language. Since Lilly asked for pink, we got her the Indian doll in a pink dress.

Like the boys she is also getting a set of five Disney floor puzzles.

They are also each getting some stocking stuffers like a pez dispenser and some christmas candy.

E L L I E  - 6  Y E A R S
L O R E L E I  -  2 0  M O N T H S

We are planning to get Ellie a therapy swing to use at home in her room. It is her favorite thing at OT, and we are hoping it will be a fun and calming thing to do at home. We want her to feel positive about taking breaks to calm down when she needs them!

Lorelei, 21 months (as of December 23rd): We are getting her this barn. It is going to be double duty as both girls will play with it. We contemplated getting a play kitchen for both girls, but they have some play stands and cooking tools they use on there, so it seemed like overkill. They love the smaller barn we have, but it is falling apart and doesn’t fit the animals they prefer the most. I anticipate this getting a lot of use!

Ellie is also getting some clay (regular potter’s clay) and pottery tools, and a magazine subscription to Zoobooks.

Lorelei is also getting a couple of puzzles, and a subscription to Ranger Rick Little Kids.

And we always get books for both girls that we sign and date. Ellie is getting some this year that she can read herself! I promise to do a post on some of our latest favorites and finds.

.  .  .  .  .

What are your little ones getting for the holidays?