I had planned on getting a post up today on holiday traditions, but time slipped away from me yesterday with all the Christmas preparations. I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas because my parents were immigrants and most of my friends were children of immigrants, and I honestly had no idea how big it was for so many people until this year. Now that the kids are old enough to really understand Christmas though, it was so much fun to completely embrace the holiday spirit for the first time!

We started a bunch of new traditions that will be fun to continue in the coming years, like taking a picture with Santa, writing a letter to Santa, baking cookies for Santa, leaving Santa’s footprints, writing a letter to Charlie and Olive from Santa, taking a picture of Santa in our living room and eating a special Christmas breakfast. We didn’t spend much on their gifts, but even a simple Pez dispenser brought them so much joy.  It was wonderful to experience the magic of Christmas through the eyes of children!

So please share… what are some of your favorite holiday traditions big and small?