I wrote a while back about trying to be intentional as a SAHM, but despite my efforts at planning, it is starting to feel a bit like Groundhog Day over here. Now that LL is a little bit older (almost 10 months), I am excited to start planning some activities that are a little more involved than “shake the rattle” and “peekaboo.”

In an effort to streamline the planning process, I decided to follow the example of most preschools out there and define some themes for the following year. This will help me narrow our focus a bit and will give me a starting poin. There are SO many activities out there, it is so hard to know where to begin! I find that starting with a theme has provided inspiration for some very fun activities and projects!

Most preschools plan specific themes weekly, but since I am planning for an infant/toddler I am leaning toward “less is more,” and I have a feeling a more broad theme for the entire month will be easier to manage and more appropriate for his development.

  • January – Winter/Cold/Snow
  • February – My Body/Friends/Family
  • March – Farm Animals
  • April – Spring/Weather
  • May – Little Critters/Forest Animals
  • June – Ocean Animals
  • July – Summer/ Pets
  • August – Opposites
  • September – Jungle/Dessert Animals
  • October- Fall/Halloween/Pumpkins
  • November – Things I am Thankful For
  • December – Family/Friends/December Holidays

For each theme, my goal is to come up with ideas for 3-4 Montessori-inspired treasure boxes, 4 art/sensory activities, theme related books, a few outside activities, and hopefully at least one “adventure.” I think that should be plenty to keep us busy for a month! Keep in mind, the theme is simply a way to ensure we are trying a variety of activities and giving LL exposure to new vocabulary that may or may not come up in every day conversation. The learning is in the process, not the product!

Have you ever planned activities based on a theme at home?