And…20 months! Which means we are inching closer and closer to that 2 year mark. Where has the time gone?! My oh my how our little girl is growing up. She now regularly says “I love you” and “I miss you” (both to us and to her toys), which melts my heart every time I hear it. Miss H is still eating like a champ, sleeping like a champ, and singing and dancing like a maniac!

On the flip side, Miss H is definitely starting down the road to throwing tantrums. She is very vocal when she doesn’t get her way for the simplest things, and we’re now at the point where I feel like we need to figure out some better parenting tactics when she does that – my current go-to is to let her stand in the corner (or wherever she runs to for pouting/crying in the heat of the moment) and fuss. But while some tantrums are little and silly, others feel more justified. We do a nanny share where the other family hosts it, and Miss H does not like having to leave her buddy at the end of the day! She of course wants to stay and play with toys and wants nothing to do with putting on her coat and hat. Poor kid! She’s so happy there and I think gets frustrated when we have to rush off.

Our “state of the family” right now is this:

What we’ve learned:  Not to climb into your child’s crib! I thought it would be fun one night to read stories with Miss H in her crib. She loved having me in there and I felt like the parent of the year! Until I had to put her to bed and leave. She was devastated and it was heartbreaking. After that bedtime was a bit rocky until very recently – we’re now back to a bedtime routine that involves no crying when I put Miss H into her crib and say goodnight. Instead of cries I hear, “Night night Mama. See you [in the] morning.”

What we’re enjoying right now: Miss H loves to clean! She helps Swiffer the floor and likes to pick up all the “yuckies.” She also is very good with this whole child proofing thing, as she always makes sure all of the cabinet locks are locked and the bathroom doors are shut!

What our biggest struggles are: Definitely the tantrums. Miss H has such a short fuse and gets upset so quickly over little things. We need to learn how to handle these better.

What has been Miss H’s most exciting milestone: Singing. Miss H could sing all day long. This summer she started learning the ABCs and now that those are mastered, she likes to sing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” It’s so adorable listening to her sing her heart out!

What we’re looking forward to: Having a potty trained kid! We’re slowly starting this process but trying not to force the issue. However, Miss H is prone to some pretty bad rashes so we cannot wait until she’s out of a diaper 24/7.

Because I’m feel like gushing a little more about Miss H, here are a few more photos from our 20 month photo shoot:

Don’t be fooled, she asked for this bow in her hair!

The bow promptly fell out, though, as she rolled around on our bed!