Hey Hive!  It’s your Anony-bee here, with a cautious and tentative announcement.  A few months ago, I posted about starting our journey for baby number two.   Our first experience in trying to conceive was a nine month ordeal, so you can imagine my surprise when on my third month, I cautiously peed on a stick the morning before what was supposed to be a potentially wild night of drinking with friends (um, who am I kidding?  This means a couple glasses of wine with dinner – parenthood has made me slightly lame in the party department!).  What did I see? A faint pink line.



Last time, pregnancy became my all-consuming focus.  This time…I’m not going to lie, it is still heavy on my mind.  This time though, I am not digging through the “Is It Safe?” section of BabyCenter, or poring through the pages of What To Expect.

Nope, now I worry less about the pregnancy itself (other than everyone’s underlying first trimester wish for a sticky baby, of course). Now I find my mind already wondering about life with two children.  When will we transition our older child out of the crib?  Will we potty train before or after #2 arrives? Will the baby be the same sex as our first, or will we need all new clothes? How will I juggle the needs of TWO babies, even when one of the babies is becoming a big kid before my eyes? Can I love another baby as much as I love my first?

For now, I’ll keep my wandering thoughts to myself, at least until I’ve reached the end of my first trimester, when I can come out officially to the Hive.  (And holy moly, I have forgotten just how hard it is to keep it a secret. I’m only five weeks, and I have already spilled the beans accidentally twice!)