Before Juliet was born I bought myself a new diaper bag.

I received a Skip Hop Studio diaper bag at my shower with Drake, and while it was a nice bag, it didn’t have enough room for my DSLR. So before Juliet was born and I would need a diaper bag for two, I bought myself a new one. I had always wanted a Timi and Leslie bag, as I felt that they didn’t look like the typical diaper bag at all and I loved their styles. I chose the Rachel and couldn’t be happier. I like that it’s structured so it’s easier to find things — I always felt like the Skip Hop slouched too much. The Rachel is also large enough to accommodate my camera in it and close up, so I don’t worry about it falling out or getting wet when it’s raining outside. I actually hope to continue using this bag as a camera bag even after I’m done needing a diaper bag.<

So here is what I put in it for both my infant and toddler:

1) Timi & Leslie Rachel Diaper Bag.

2) Nursing Cover – I really don’t like nursing in public as a whole, but when I have to I need to be covered up. I just can’t imagine breastfeeding in public without it.  When I forget this I will use one of the receiving blankets, but I prefer the cover as it stays on better.

3) Diapers –  The Timi & Leslie came with a diaper changing pad that I carry with me.

4) Pacifier – Juliet doesn’t love pacifiers, but she will use them when she is swaddled and being rocked to sleep.  I carry one with me wherever I go just in case.  I keep it in the same little carrying case I use for the nipple shield.

5) Wipes  – I just carry one of those small travel size bags with me.  They are good not only for diaper changes, but in a pinch I can use them to wash Drake’s hands if we can’t find a bathroom and to clean up either of them if they make a mess eating.

6) Nipple Shield – I carry this with me everywhere as I wont breastfeed without it.  I keep it in a little carrying case for pacifiers.

7) Crayons  – I take a small pack with me in case we are out for a long time and Drake starts to get upset or restless. This at least will bide me some time before he inevitably gets bored. A lot of times restaurants only have a few crayon colors and Drake will ask for a color they don’t have, so having my own pack keeps him happier longer.

8) Cardigan for me  – I tend to get cold a lot even in the summer, especially because so many places have their AC blasting to arctic temperatures.  I’ve always carried a spare cardigan with me since before kids, and now I keep one in my bag at all times so I have it even if I forget to bring one with me as I’m rushing out the door with 2 kids.

9) Change of Clothes.  Juliet has some reflux and will spit up once in a while so I carry a spare change of clothes for her just in case. In the summer, just a onesie or romper is fine since it’s so warm out. For spring and fall it will be a  short sleeve onesie with pants, socks and maybe a jacket. Winter it will be a long sleeve onesie with pants, socks and jacket.

During summers Drake tends to get the messiest playing outside and eating more sticky treats like ice cream, so sometimes I threw a spare change of clothes in there for him too. But he doesn’t get that dirty anymore now that he is older.

10) Swaddle blanket – I usually carry an extra blanket with me as Juliet loves to be swaddled. It also doubles as a nursing cover for me sometimes when we are out and I forget my nursing cover.  I actually tend to have 2 with me as I use one in the car to keep her snug and have one at the bottom of my diaper bag too.  It’s good to have the backup in case she spits up and makes a mess on one of them.

11) Camera  – The reason I switched bags in the first place, my camera.  I take this with me most days, as I’ve learned you never know when a photo opportunity can pop up. But I do leave it at home sometimes like when we are going to the doctor’s office or just for a quick errand. When I don’t bring it I do have my cell phone ,but I do prefer my DSLR most days even if it’s heavier to lug around.

12) Snacks – I tend to carry a granola bar or maybe a bag of Goldfish with me for Drake or myself. It’s good if we get stuck out for longer than I had planned or a way to entertain a toddler if we are out and he gets restless.  Sometimes I rush out of the house without eating and so it’s nice to have a snack for those times too.

13) Burp Cloth – Juliet tends to spit up so this saves my clothes from being ruined if we are out and she makes a mess on herself and me.  It also is nice to use if I am breastfeeding when we are out to stop the leaking I get when she feeds.

14) Snack Trap  – I bring this along so I can hand it to Drake and he can eat by himself whether we are in the car or out somewhere.

15) Sippy Cup  – I don’t need to bring a lot of food for Drake these days since he is older and it’s easy to pick up food for him when we are out but a sippy cup is necessary since he isn’t great with cups and straws still.

Keys, Wallet, Phone –  The Timi Leslie gives you a small clutch with the bag to put your wallet, keys and phone.