I shared previously that I will be attempting to plan activities for Little Lion this year based on a monthly theme. February’s theme is My Body/Friends/Family (I am throwing hearts in there too for Valentines Day)! These activities are intended for Little Lion, who will be 11 months old, but they could easily be adapted for an older or younger child. Please consider your child’s current development when planning activities for him/her since you know your baby best.

Last month’s activities went really well! I decided this month to step it up a notch and plan a bit more. This little man is always on the move, and I am finding that having some planned activities keeps the days from becoming monotonous.

Discovery Baskets

Discovery Baskets are simply baskets of items that have a common theme. They provide an opportunity for baby to investigate, and also for conversation about individual items. They also allow babies to start seeing patterns and categories (pre-math skills).

Most of the items in my baskets were found around the house. Make sure items put in your baskets are safe for your child. Some can be used during independent play, but sometimes you may want to include items even though they require close supervision. Use your best judgment, and always err on the side of caution. For more information about creating your own treasure baskets, you can check out How We Montessori!

Red Basket – This basket is filled with items that are red from around the house, mostly toys from LL’s stash.


Mirror Basket – This basket is filled with mirrors of various shapes and sizes. This would not be a basket to let baby play with unsupervised.

Art/Sensory Activities

1. Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamping – These are so cute! I am going to attempt this, even though LL may be a little bit too small. We may have to do some hand over hand stamping for this one, but it will be fun either way.

2. Shaken Painted Hearts – Not only will these be super fun to make, but when they are dry I will write a message on them to send to our close family and friends.

3. LOVE Wall Art  – This isn’t really art for the babies, but I think it is so adorable and I want one to hang on the wall. Since our hands and feet will be messy anyway, I will roll out some paper on the floor (I plan to buy some of this stuff) and let LL walk around and play in the paint after we are done.  This will be super messy…use washable paint and only do this on an easily cleaned surface! We will probably paint in the bathroom — close to the tub, easy wipe floors, small confined space!

4. Touchy Feely Hearts – LL isn’t big enough yet to make these, but I know he would love feeling the textures. I will make the hearts for him, and then once they are dry he will be able to play with them. Watch out for choking hazards!

valentine sensory play

5. Play Dough with Heart Cookie Cutters –  You can use store bought dough or you can make your own. My favorite recipe is really simple. Mix two parts flour with one part salt and one part water. You can also add a Kool-Aid packet for color/scent if you want (this is a fun variation).

6. Felt Board Faces – Print (or have printed) pictures of close friends and family. Cover in contact paper to make them more sturdy, and glue pieces of felt to the back of each picture. The felt on the back of the pictures will stick to the felt board and are easily manipulated.

Book Suggestions

1. Make your own photo book  ||  2. Happy Valentines Day Mouse – Laura Numeroff  ||  3. The I Love You Book – Todd Parr  ||  4. I Spy Little Hearts – Jean Marzollo  ||  5. My First Body Board Book – DK Publishing   ||  6. The Foot Book – Dr. Seuss  ||  7. How Do I Love You – Marion Dane Bauer  ||  8. Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes by Annie Kuble  ||  9. Where is Baby’s Belly Button? – Karen Katz


1. Body Parts Song for Kids

2. Body Parts

3. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Outdoor Activities/Adventures

I don’t know how cold it is where you live, but February is the coldest month of the year here. This month’s outdoor activities are mostly “out of the house” activities.

1. Deliver Valentine treats to neighbors or friends/family – A quick Pinterest search returns tons of ideas, but I think we are going to make these.

2. Random Acts of Kindness – Did you know Random Acts of Kindness week corresponds with Valentine’s Day? Use this opportunity to show some love. The RAK Foundation website has TONS of great ideas!