Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and this year I vowed to adorn our house with red hearts early. This felt heart garland is super easy to whip up in an evening – or during a nap. Make it as long as you’d like and wrap your house in hearts.



Red felt (mine is from Purl Soho)
Red thread
Card stock
Sewing machine
Disappearing ink pen (optional)

Step 1 – Cut Template

Using a piece of card stock, cut out a heart template approximately two inches wide. I fished through the recycling bin to find my piece of card stock. It’s nothing fancy — just an envelope from Little M’s personalized thank you notes.

Step 2 – Trace Hearts

Fold red felt in half so it’s double the thickness – you’ll be cutting two hearts at a time. Using a disappearing ink or water soluble ink pen, which are available at craft stores, trace your heart template to your heart’s content. Place a few pins periodically to hold the two layers of fabric together.

Step 3 – Cut Hearts

Making sure to hold your two layers of felt together, cut out around your heart lines. I found that moving a pin around as I cut so the pin was always in the center of the heart I was cutting made things easier. If you didn’t use a disappearing ink pen, make sure to cut just inside your lines so that the ink doesn’t show on your finished garland.

Step 4 – Sew Garland

Leave a longer tail to start (for hanging) and using red thread in both the bobbin and on the spool, sew your hearts together by sewing across the centers of the hearts at their fattest point. I found that if I let my needle go up and down two or three times before feeding in the next heart, I was left with about a 1/2″ space between hearts. When you’ve run out of hearts, leave a long tail for hanging.

Step 5 – Show Your House Some Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What DIY Valentine’s Day projects are you planning to do this year?