I want to give out Valentines for Charlie’s pre-k classmates this year because holidays are a big deal now that he’s in public school, and the kids are old enough to have fun with it. There are so many great ideas online, but I narrowed it down to some of my favorites that are easy, fun, age appropriate, and have free printables. There’s a little something for everyone including edible valentines, toy valentines, valentines for boys, paper valentines and more. You can also check out the DIY Valentines we’ve featured on Hellobee in the past here!

heart rocks  

This project wasn’t specifically created as a Valentine, but I’ve seen equally adorable “you rock” Valentine projects here and here. The reason I liked this particular project was because kids could get involved with painting the rocks, and adults could paint on the hearts. My kids love rocks and painting and Olive loves hearts, so I think this is a Valentine that would be a hit with them both!


You Rule  |  Colorful Valentine  |   Personalized Notepad

I’m a Fan  |  friendship bracelet  |  bee mine lip balm

I think the friendship bracelet Valentine is just too adorable. But who has the time to make friendship bracelets? You can actually buy a dozen online for $5! And of course I had to include a bee-themed Valentine. My kids love lip balm. Although the Burt’s Bees lip balm is thematic, I think it’s a little too tingly for younger kids. You could try regular Chapstick instead which costs less.

I’m wild for you (another version)  |  dinomite  |  love bugs

astronaut  |  troop  |  yoda best glowstick (adorable Yoda one for me printables)  |  paratrooper

magnifying glass  |  plane awesome  |  wheelie like you  |  slap bracelet

 animal envelopes  |  paper airplane (similar template and this one is also adorable)  |   boy valentine printables

Now we move on to the Valentines that include some kind of sweet treat!

 printable animal boxes

love bug gummis  |  so glad we’re in the same school (can also be filled with goldfish crackers)

masked superhero lollipops  |  Star Wars pixie stix (you could also use glow sticks)   |  superhero lollipops

Mustache and Lips Lollipop Valentines

picture lollipop Valentine  |  shovel “I Dig You” Valentine  | cupcake liner flower lollipop  |  butterfly lollipop

There are many different versions of the lollipop flower from simple to more complex — construction paper, potted flowercrepe paper.

bear hugs  |  orange you glad (clementines or orange play doh)  |  ipod  |  pop rocks

The ipod is a great Valentine for older kids. Wrap a conversation hearts box with the free ipod printable (you can even customize the play list!), and add peanut butter cup headphones! And I think Pop Rocks will blow little kids minds!

.  .  .  .  .

Will your little ones be giving out Valentines this year?