The holidays truly do become a little bit more fun and exciting when you have little ones. Now that Drake is in school, this is the first year we get to hand out little Valentine’s Day cards and I have been scouring Pinterest for some cute ideas that are simple and fun, but just a little bit more than the usual Valentine’s Day card from a box as well. Drake’s class is so small this year — only 6 other kids besides him — I figure this might be the only year I’ll be able to go a little extra for his friends since his class size will grow as he gets older. Here are some ideas from Pinterest that I liked:

You O”fish”ally Have My Heart  |  You Color My World  |  Easy Heart Valentines  |  I Am Glad We’re In the Same School  |  Donut You Know How Much I Like You?  |  My Heart Pops for You  |  For Crayon Out Loud

I’m leaning toward the paint set one right now if I can find them cheap at Target or Michaels.