Felt, flannel, and fleece are fabrics that will stick to themselves (and each other). This means infinite possibilities for sticking and unsticking, with minimal effort. There are lots of pre-made kits you can purchase, but if you have the time making them is pretty easy too!

But before you go overboard buying or making fun felt creations, having a place to stick them is a necessity! I have seen tutorials for pretty nifty heavy duty felt boards (this one is really cool if you are looking for something a little sturdier), but I wanted something a little more light weight and inexpensive for LL to play with. So I stopped by the remnants section of our local fabric store and got a great deal on some fabric. I found a yard of fleece on clearance for a couple dollars. The only other materials I needed were a piece of foam board (from the dollar store), a glue gun, and some colored felt (about 25 cents per sheet at AC Moore or Walmart). This entire project cost me about $4.


First I warmed up the glue gun and laid out my fabric on the kitchen table with the foam board on top. I cut the fabric to the size of the foam board, leaving about 2 extra inches all the way around.

Then, one side at a time, I wrapped the fabric around to the back side of the foam board and glued it down. I did this all the way around.

That’s it! I love that this felt board is lightweight, flat enough to put away easily, and so inexpensive that I could easily make a new one if LL wears it out. It would also be easy to attach to the wall if we decided to make it a more permanent surface for LL to play with.

Once I was finished with the felt board itself, it was time to make some pieces to stick to it! For the month of January our “theme” was Snow/Winter, so I made pieces of a snowman for LL to manipulate. Since I knew I would need a lot of white fel,t I bought a larger piece (also from the remnants section and very cheap).

I found circles of three different sizes to trace to make the body. And then I cut out smaller circles for the eyes and buttons. I finished him off with a yellow triangle for a nose, a scarf, and a hat.

Little Lion hasn’t quite figured out how this works yet, but he sure did have fun pulling all the pieces down every time I built the snowman. As he gets older we will have lots more opportunities to try different activities. A quick Google search of “felt board activities” yields zillions of results, and since felt is such an inexpensive material, it will be fun to create different setups throughout the year!

I will be including each month in my theme activities posts some different ideas for using the felt board. If you have any fun ideas, please share!