Imaginative play is in full swing for Gemma these days, and I am trying to help her have fun in her newfound adventureland. I came up with a cute idea to turn our backyard into a treasure hunt for her. Since I made this map, I figured this might be a good game for her and dad to play on a weekend. I plan to hide these dollar store giant coins, one at each station, and then give her the map. With dad’s help she can collect ten and “turn them into a new creation.” At least that’s what the treasure map says…


I am thinking of making the treasure just some cool shiny object, but perhaps there could be a simple toy or book as a prize. This would be really fun at a toddler birthday party too. To make the map, I simply sketched out some landmarks in our backyard and gave them inventive names like “two lonely pines” and “pink blossom trees.” I called her clubhouse “the small house place”… you get the idea! I then watercolored them and overlayed my treasure map over an old paper map in photoshop.

I also wanted to share this little scavenger hunt I made for some of our co-op friends! We completed it this morning and it was a lot of fun. We were able to mark off everything on the list with a walk around the block. Below is the scavenger hunt in PDF format for you to enjoy with your family.

Toddler Scavenger Hunt