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The Courageous “Choice”

Before I got baby fever and started perusing the online parenting world, I naively had no clue about the “Mommy Wars.”  A few hot debates quickly jumped out, such as exclusive breast feeding versus bottle feeding and attachment parenting versus the cry it out crowd.  While I think it’s unfortunate that these debates sometimes sink […]

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Quick Dinners

When I don’t have a slow cooker freezer meal (recipes here, here, and here) handy in the freezer, I often find myself scrambling to throw together a meal. We usually get home from work and daycare pickup at 5:30pm and the kids go to bed around 6:30pm. Usually Lil Miss Wagon comes through the door […]


Jaren turns One.

Jaren, my sweet sweet boy.  You have been an incredible baby, and made this first year so pleasant for your mama.  Ever since you doled out your first social smile at 5 weeks, you’ve kept it up without reservation – it is almost too easy to get a smile or laugh out of you!  You take […]


Day in the Life of a Part-Time WOHM

Toddler parenting is a lot more structured than infant parenting.  When Scribble was an infant, our day centered around his sleep schedule, and the length of his naps was variable.  Now he has just one nap a day, so we get out a lot more.  Also, Scribble needs to burn energy during his day, which […]


Raincoast Crisp Recipe

If you’re from Vancouver, you most likely know the deliciousness that is Raincoast Crisps. They are perhaps the most “crisp” cracker I’ve ever had – I don’t think I can hear anyone talking while I’m chewing them. I love to eat them with Yancy’s Fancy Bergenost, a creamy cheese that Costco sometimes carries, but any […]

A Day of Meals

I consider Little M a pretty good eater. We did BLW with him starting at 6 months. I followed his lead, paying attention to how he slept at night and when he was interested in eating. He ate one large meal of solids a day at breakfast and breastfed for the rest of the day […]

The first day of Summer, a birth story

My second daughter Summer was late. I mean really late. I should have known that she would be; Gemma was eight days late. I guess my little ones like the womb. Either that or my body is missing the gene that initiates labor. Summer was to be induced on June 28th, eight days after her […]

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